Choose the best IT company in Brisbane

How to Choose the Best IT Company in Brisbane

Your business is progressing in leaps and bounds. You’re constantly adding to your highly functioning team, and your client base is growing at a rate of knots. Only problem is, your IT tools just aren’t keeping up. We all know you deserve the best IT company in Brisbane, with effective support given no matter what stage your business is at.

So how do you go about selecting the best IT company for your operation? Firstly, you need to look at your own business and exactly how an IT company can support you. Once you have an understanding of what you need, it helps narrow down the field of Brisbane IT providers.

What Do You Need From Your IT Company?

Here’s some questions you can ask to get an understanding of what you need from an IT company.

  • Is your business data intensive? Does it require lengthy storage and back-ups?
  • Is any of the data sensitive in nature? Would it require urgent support if necessary?
  • Does your business need ongoing IT support or are you looking for help with a one-off project?
  • Do you need an IT company that has experience in your industry?
  • Will there be a change in size of your business in the future? What sort of scalability do you need from your provider?
  • Do you have a mobile workforce (employees working from home or from the field?)
  • Is remote support from your IT company okay, or would you rather have on-site visits?

What to Consider when Choosing an IT Company

The sheer number of IT service providers in Brisbane and beyond can be a bit overwhelming. Once you know what you need you can look for a provider that aligns with your objectives and improves your business. Here’s some steps you can take to begin the process of identifying a suitable IT company.

  • Check out their website. A website is like a business card in the tech world. Think about it – if an IT business has a poor website, it doesn’t say too much for the professionalism of their operation does it? An easy-to-navigate website that’s informative and doesn’t sprout out too much industry jargon is a good starting point.
  • Online reviews. In today’s reveal-all world of social media it’s hard for a business to get away with poor performance. Check out their Facebook and Google reviews and see what people have to say. A bunch of negative reviews doesn’t look too good… neither does no reviews at all. Check for interaction on the reviews too. If there’s a bad one, has the company responded in a professional way?
  • You want your IT company or Managed Service Provider to be swift and transparent with their communication channels. Send out a few emails and see who gets back to you quickest. It’s safe to say they’ll have good communication systems in place.
  • Relevant Industry Knowledge. If your business has specific technology needs, you’ll need a service provider with experience of them. For example, mining companies will be more comfortable with a mining IT service provider offering 24/7 monitoring and big data backups.
  • You run a business, so what you pay for your services is important. An IT company is no different. They need to fit in with your budget but beware of trying to cut corners with costs. The cheaper route may end up hurting your business further down the track. Check for any hidden costs too: do they charge more for site visits? Are software updates included in their fees?
  • Partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Google, Azure, Dell and other recognised names in the IT world are something to look out for. They indicate the company will be using high-quality vendors in the management of your IT.
  • As well as the basic industry proficiency requirements, ask to see certifications from companies like Microsoft, SQL, Azure, Ubiquiti and Oracle. Don’t expect them to have every single certification out there, but they should have the ones relevant to your particular industry.
  • Response Times. If there’s a fault with your IT environment, how quickly can they restore normality? What’s the method to request support – do you need to put in a ticket, make a phone call? What qualifies you for onsite support or callouts?

What Services Should the Best IT Company in Brisbane Offer?

If you’ve got a good feeling about an IT company and researched them with the pointers above, then take a look at the services they offer. The best IT companies in Brisbane will offer a range of IT services that should include:

  • Cloud Solutions: More than just a buzzword, the cloud will bring efficiency, mobility and security to your business in a cost-effective way. Your IT provider should be well-versed and experienced in this on-demand computing resource.
  • Managed IT Services: A managed service provider is basically an off-site IT department. They keep your IT environment up-to-date, secure and operational through 24/7 monitoring, all for a fixed monthly price.
  • IT Consulting: Using their specialised knowledge, IT consultants approach your IT from a big-picture perspective. They advise what software and hardware would suit your organisation, and how to achieve optimum results in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Virtual CIO: A virtual chief information officer takes a proactive approach to developing a technology roadmap for your business. This helps you optimise spending and ensures your technology aligns with your business goals.
  • Business Telecoms. An effective IT company will be able to advise how to improve communications within your organisation with upgraded phone systems and business grade internet.
  • IT Governance: This is an ongoing process designed to maximise the value of IT to your business. It helps ensure your IT assets are aligned with the organisational goals you have in place.
  • Cybersecurity: With a cybercrime reported every ten minutes in Australia, cybersecurity is a massive issue for businesses in here. Your IT company should go to every length to ensure your organisation is protected from cyberattacks, with everything backed up to mitigate a hack.

We hope the above information helps in your quest for an IT company who provides the appropriate support to your business. There’s a lot to take in and you want to make sure you choose the right partner, one aligned with the direction your business is going.

The best IT company in Brisbane or Australia for your business is out there. If you have any questions about how you can find them, get in touch with Smile IT. We’re a Brisbane Managed Service Provider operating all around Australia, and we’d love to help out.