IT Pro Day

Happy IT Professional Day!

If ever there was a year that IT Professionals the world showed how valuable they are, it’s been 2020. What a crazy, mind-bending time it’s been for the entire planet, but surely the group of professionals who facilitated the transition to working from home need a nod of appreciation? That they do, and that’s exactly what they get on September 15th, 2020. For that, ladies and gentlemen, is IT Pro Day!

“You Were Built for This”

Now none of us could ever have predicted how this year would go. We coasted in on a wave of goodwill and cheer, eager to see what the modern incarnation of the 20’s would bring. The fall from grace is well documented, with global society crushed by the weight of the first pandemic in over 100 years.

Suddenly we couldn’t go about our lives, we were allergic to each other and the majority of the workforce had to shift to working from home. Which, as well all found out, is waaay harder than we thought. There are kids to juggle, multiple distractions, claustrophobia… plus the technical difficulties of creating a safe and effective home office that’s just as functional as the work office. Which is where IT Pro’s step up to the plate.

‘Coz we were built for this.

Ok, maybe not exactly for this, but I feel we were able to adapt, assist, educate and share our knowledge. We may be tech heads, but we’re people and we love to help people. And this year, in 2020, we truly got our chance to do that!

It wasn’t easy. It meant we had to adapt the way we do things and manage our way through change. Upskilling was required in many areas. New technology came to the fore, new systems and processes proved themselves worthy. IT professionals led the way, figured it out and helped our clients and other businesses follow suit.

The result? Well, we have a world adapting to a ‘new norm’ of working. A world where remote working is going to be almost as prevalent as going to the office. Where your home office becomes… your second home.

How Digital Transformation Happens  

Companies that went through the successfully journey to working from home focussed on a few key areas of IT. Let’s have a quick look at what they are.

Communication: Smart and clear communication quickly became the cornerstone of effective remote workers. Technology that facilitated easy one-on-one and team communication rose in prominence (some had distinct ups and downs). One tried and tested program which Smile IT uses extensively is Microsoft Teams. Live text chat, video conferencing capabilities, audio calls and so many more features make this a rock-solid communication choice for remote work.

Collaboration: The ability to collaborate on projects from home with team members in their homes became crucial. The Microsoft 365 suite again helped empower remote workers.  Microsoft Teams is a central hub through which to communicate, store files and work together on projects, together in real-time. Sharepoint extends your office intranet into the home of team members, giving communal access to important company documents. And OneDrive keeps all your documents safe in the cloud, giving you the option to share with people inside and outside your organisation.

Cybersecurity: There was a surge in online criminal activity that coincided with the spread of Covid. Protecting business data and processes has always been an issue, but with many people working from home it became even more important. Laptops had to be secured, networks made safe, team members educated and VPN’s activated. This article of ours gives an in-depth looking at securing a home office.

The Tech Hardware: As well as the software involved, different kinds of hardware proved more suitable to remote work. Some are obvious… like laptops instead of desktops. Some needed a bit of money spent to get results, like high-end webcams for conference calls, or micced up headphones for better comfort during long calls. Others weren’t so obvious… like the brand new smoothy machine for energy and sustenance in the morning!

We’re at a crossroads with how we do work, and its clear remote work is a big part of our future. It’s just the way the post-pandemic world is going. For successful and effective remote work, your trusted IT pro’s like Smile IT are here to help! So don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help or advise you with anything. Or if you’ve already worked with us and would like to show us some appreciation this IT Pro Day, then please:

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Thanks for reading about IT Pro Day! We hope you enjoy yours!

When he’s not writing tech articles or turning IT startups into established and consistent managed service providers, Peter Drummond can be found kitesurfing on the Gold Coast or hanging out with his family!