What is connectwise automate

What is Connectwise Automate?

How do forward-thinking Managed Service Providers keep their clients’ IT problems to a minimum? A large part of it is thanks to RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software like Connectwise Automate. This technology allows us to supervise and control computers and networks remotely, keeping them updated, installing software and monitoring IT operational activities. All this without having to be on site!

Connectwise Automate has grown into one of the standout RMM tools available to MSP’s today. Versatile and powerful, it’s been proven to improve productivity thanks to its advanced and constantly-improving automation features.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons Connectwise Automate is so highly regarded.

Automations Improve Efficiency.

With the ability to automate simple and complex tasks, workflows become more streamlined and valuable team member time isn’t spent on repetitive tasks. Leveraging this automation function allows MSP’s to focus on big-picture topics like client satisfaction and business progression.

It’s Stealthy.

Connectwise Automate remotely and proactively monitors clients’ IT infrastructure, without them even realising it’s operating in the background. This means that issues are picked up before they grow. Clients can pre-approve their MSP to rectify the problem in the background so they won’t even know there was an issue. Or if there’s any privacy concerns, MSP’s can contact the affected end user for permission to deploy a fix.


An industry-leading ability to integrate with cutting-edge third-party vendors gives Connectwise Automate users further flexibility. Users can choose what tools will help them run their business better, with endless possibilities for synergy on offer.


As an MSP grows and adds technicians to their team Connectwise Automate will grow with them. It’s a cost-effective, pay-as-you-use RMM solution.

Less Downtime for Clients.

High performance speeds decrease timeframes in which technicians respond. Quick access and the ability to manage multiple endpoints means issues are resolved fast, and downtime is kept to a minimum.

More Insights.

The Connectwise Automate dashboard clearly shows clients’ IT issues, the time taken for similar problems and the efficiency of an MSP’s support. This allows for improved internal KPI establishment and performance monitoring.

Auto-Fix Solutions.

When a problem occurs, a script can be created that auto-remediates it next time it pops up. Technicians don’t waste time fixing the same minor issue over and over again.

All of the above reasons, plus many more, are what led to Smile IT deciding to make the move to Connectwise Automate. We love the cloud-based software and the extra efficiency it injects into our team.

If you have any questions about why we switched over, and how this is going to improve our service to current and prospective clients, please get in touch!

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