Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 Migrations in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations
Office 365 Migrations

In the past businesses were constantly bothered with the need to upgrade their PCs, servers and software. This was not only frustrating, but also expensive. But now with cloud computing, many are converting to the latest version of Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that offers access to multiple types of services and software built around the Microsoft Office Platform.

Its success has been phenomenal and it’s Microsoft’s fastest-growing product—growing in use by over 150 percent in just the past year.

When Microsoft Office 365 was released three years ago, it included hosted versions of Skype for Business (formally Lync), Office Web AppsSharePointExchange, OneDrive for Business as well as access to Microsoft Office 2016 desktop applications.

When the original version of Microsoft Office 365 was released in February 2013, it added new plans for different types of businesses as well as a version for home users.

Office 356 is the most complete Office-Cloud Service to date and is tailored to meet the needs and budgets of small, medium-sized and large organizations.

Why You Should Be Using Microsoft Office 365

Easy Access to Software 24/7

Once you switch to Microsoft Office 365, you’ll be able to access your enterprise software over the Internet, 24/7, from any location in the world; because your software is running in a Microsoft data center. All you need is your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet – and an Internet connection.

Calendar and Email Access

You can keep all your staff in sync with enterprise-grade email and shared calendars that they can access at their desk or from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Document Sharing and Protection

Your files and data can all be stored on the cloud. You can set security permissions for their viewing or editing for key people within your organization as you wish. And when you make a change to a document your colleagues will see the new changes immediately if you’ve given the permission to do so. Or you can always keep the permissions set for your viewing and/or editing only.

Security Advantages of Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365, security can be as strict or as lenient as you wish. Microsoft takes all the responsibility for reliability and security, allowing your IT team the time to work on more important tasks.

Microsoft understands that many businesses and organizations aren’t comfortable with allowing them to deal with security issues; so, they have provided all subscribers an extensive service-level agreement to put their mind at rest.

The Top 10 Security and Privacy Features of Microsoft Office 365:

  1. Microsoft won’t mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
  2. Customer data is only used to provide the service—Microsoft will never view your mailbox without permission.
  3. Data is backed up regularly, ensuring reliability.
  4. Access to Microsoft’s physical data center is restricted to authorized personnel only. Microsoft has implemented many layers of physical security, including video-camera surveillance, biometric readers, 24-hour secured access, security breach alarms and motion sensors.
  5. Encryption is enabled for data at rest and via the network—data is always transmitted securely between the data center and user.
  6. Customer data is hosted in-region.
  7. More difficult passwords are enforced to increase the security of your data.
  8. Any features that can impact your privacy may be turned on or off to meet your specific needs.
  9. At the end of your service term, the data in your account won’t be deleted until you’ve had time to take advantage of the data portability offered by Microsoft.
  10. Microsoft commits to the promises they’ve made with their data processing agreement (DPA.) If you’d like more information about the DPA, go to: Microsoft’s Independently Verified Page

Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with the European Union Data Protection Directive, the ISO/IEC 27001 security standards, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for health care environments in the United States.

Are You Ready To Convert to Office 365?

Converting to cloud computing is a multi-phased project.  There are many things to consider when making a conversion to Microsoft Office 365 or any cloud-based system. The conversion experts at Smile IT will ensure the process is seamless for your business and transparent to your customers.

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of what Office 365 is all about, and the many advantages of converting to Office 365, call Smile IT today to get started! Your business will benefit from the cost-savings, efficiency, flexibility and security that cloud services provide.

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