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ServiceM8 Job Management

Invoice anywhere
Create quotes and invoices anywhere and issue them immediately.

Your connected
Stay updated on all business activities. Where your staff are, job status and progress, send jobs to staff instantly and receive instant feedback.

Access to all your staff’s schedules from anywhere – at work, home or on the road. You can even schedule jobs to staff whileon the go with your iPhone or iPad.

Every job has a story
Store every aspect of your jobs in the cloud. Notes, photos and conversations with your clients all saved forever. A quick search will retrieve past work completed.

MYOB, XERO & QuickBooks
Save hours of admin time with clients, items, invoices and payments syncing seamlessly with your accounting package.

Document templates
ServiceM8’s custom template system allows a consistent professional image across your business. Build templates for quotes, invoices, emails, sms and forms.

No trial period
We don’t want to rush you. Evaluate ServiceM8 for as long as you need to, without limitations.

Easy to use
ServiceM8 is simple, intuitive and user friendly, so easy to set up and learn.

Dispatch map
See where your employees are relative to jobs. Work smarter and more efficiently by sending urgent jobs to the closest staff, without an interruptive phone call.

Produce comprehensive professional forms fast. Everything from JSA’s and Take 5’s to compliance certificates and vehicle inspections.

No more lost quotes, invoices or work orders. Lower your costs and help the environment by printing less.

Recurring jobs
Comprehensive recurring jobs system. Essential for lawn care, cleaning and pool businesses. Saving your valuable time.

Inspire confidence
With professional invoices, fast efficient service, follow up calls and comprehensive job history your customers will become raving fans.

20 free jobs a month
Your account will be credited with 20 free jobs every month, forever. If your business does less than 20 jobs a month you won’t have to pay a cent!

ServiceM8 Job Management | Smile Business Group | Brisbane

Our Services

As accredited ServiceM8 partners Smile Business Group has assisted a large number of businesses in the complete setup process including training, template creation, setup of forms and templates; on going support and consultation services.

Require assistance with setting up ServiceM8? Smile Business Group have assisted numerous companies in the complete setup of ServiceM8 – including solar, electrical, plumbing, and pest management businesses. To get the most out of ServiceM8 we highly recommend meeting with an accredited partner to ensure your business is taking advantage of all the application’s features ensuring you increase business efficiencies and eliminate time wasting processes.
To ensure your business gets the most out of ServiceM8 from the outset, we provide training services to business owners and their staff. Training can be done on site, which is preferred, or remotely depending on each business’ preferred method. Do your staff require process guides on completing their daily tasks within ServiceM8? We ensure all our Service M8 customers are well trained and have process guides well documented to ensure they complete their tasks effectively as well as making your life easier when staff changes occur.
Creating professional document templates is just one of many of the amazing features within ServiceM8. We assist businesses in creating professional document templates for their quotes, invoices and forms.
Forms we believe to be the best feature within ServiceM8. We can assist you in creating comprehensive professional forms that eliminate paperwork and increase business efficiencies. Do you need checklists, compliance certificates, warranty certificates, job reports and even client letters created quickly and professionally? Contact Smile Business Group for assistance in setting up your forms and templates.
We provide a number of ServiceM8 users with on going support services. Support can be provided on an ad hoc basis or through pre purchased time blocks for businesses that require on going support more regularly. Our support services ensure your business continues to run smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Why Choose Us

  • We have assisted numerous businesses move their job management systems and processes to Service M8
  • We are accredited Service M8 partners with a proven track record
  • We will get your business up and running quickly and effectively
  • Having Service M8 setup, implemented and staff trained correctly from the start is vital
  • On going support for any changes, problems, training and improvements

How to Get Started

  • Contact us and organise a free consultation to plan your ServiceM8 journey and reap the rewards now.
  • Call us on 1300 766 720 or send us an email at 
  • Sign up for your free trial by clicking on this link – SIGN ME UP FOR FREE!