Smile Magpies, You’re On Camera!

Every day is a happy bird-day in the Smile IT office at the moment! We’re very excited to report our Magpie Lark friends have taken up residence once again in the beams outside our window.

The handsome pair of tweethearts raised a family of four chirps off the old block last year, and now they’re back with three more egg-cellent youngsters who seem to be having the funnest time (Okay, that’s probably enough with the bird puns. Sorry if they flew over your head.)

We are pretty happy though that they decided to come back, and since we’re an IT company and all we decided to set up a webcam overlooking the nest. That means everyone in the office can check up on the progress of the chicks… yup, we’re a pretty broody bunch!

Have a look at some of the shots we’ve got of our feathered friends and their hungry nest of chicks:

Interesting Facts About Magpies

Would you believe it, we’ve all become Magpie Lark know-it-alls in the office! We want to share a few interesting facts about these cool birds with you today:

– They make a super strong nest out of mud and return to it every year.

– You’ve definitely seen them around, as these are a very common backyard bird in Australia.

– They lay two to four eggs a year.

– They make amazing parents, sharing the duties equally between them and always making sure food is distributed fairly to all the chicks.

– When the female is protecting the nest, 10% of male magpies will swoop passers-by to protect her. Don’t take offense, they’re just taking their parenting seriously!

– They’re a member of the flycatcher family.

– These birds are completely apolitical, declining to identify as left-wing or right-wing (har har har.)

Hope you enjoyed this slightly more unusual blog post from us… stay tuned and we’ll bring you an update when the chicks are a bit bigger!

When he’s not writing tech articles or turning IT startups into established and consistent managed service providers, Peter Drummond can be found kitesurfing on the Gold Coast or hanging out with his family!