Here at Smile IT we get it – one size doesn’t fit all. Different clients have different business objectives, and IT needs to support these. As a provider we are agile and adaptable in catering to how your business operates. From strategic consulting services to specific tactical projects, our LEAN engagement methodology allows us to customize what we offer. Your requirements are met, and costs and timelines are clear and transparent.

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Are unexpected rising costs getting you down? Is your technical infrastructure getting out of date? Sounds like you need the Cloud in your life. Cloud solutions allow you to pay for only what you require, making them THE affordable option. With flexible data accessibility and the prospect of building an adaptable technical platform for your business, you want your head to be in the Cloud. Smile IT and our amazing Cloud providers can help you get there!

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The modern business world never rests, so you need the security of lightning-fast IT support being a click or call away. Our friendly support team provides you with the services and technical solutions to resolve your system problems quickly and effectively. We can work remotely or on-site and offer a range of flexible service contracts, none of which are ‘lock-in’ agreements. Good customer relationships and a service that speaks volumes – it’s the Smile IT way!

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We’re proud of our wide range of business communication solutions. Smile Tel’s Business Cloud Voice Plans are more affordable than traditional business phone systems, and have added features and benefits. We can do an assessment of what you require in terms of internet and accessibility options, and then provide a compelling value proposition. You’ll enjoy lower costs, more features, plus the added benefit of local and trusted support.



Need to solve a business problem through the application of technology? Our business consulting team has designed, implemented and managed IT projects for a wide range of organisations. With technical backgrounds (Software Design and Development, ERP, IT infrastructure) complemented by significant management experience, they are equally at home in corporate environments or small and medium size enterprises (SME’s). Their practical and pragmatic approach to problem solving combined with LEAN practices ensures quick, cost-effective delivery and more value for you.



If you require someone to monitor or manage your IT processes, ask about our Virtual CIO portal service. We’ll assist you in setting up a standards-based IT strategy that supports your organisation, along with relevant KPI’s and reports that can be user-generated as required. This tracking and exception reporting capability lets us proactively administer the entire IT function in a transparent fashion, leaving you free to focus on your business. The Virtual CIO also provides a useful, secure and updated repository for all of your IT governance information.

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Do you feel in control over your IT environment? Are you completely certain your business isn’t exposed to any significant IT risks? Our IT governance service is a strategic offering based on the globally recognized COBIT standards. We analyse your existing IT processes and prioritize those that need attention. We then implement the improvements and provide assurance they’re operating correctly. You have the option of selecting preferred processes for implementation from our IT Governance Pack, allowing you to work to a current budget and plan future improvements.

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