Unleashed Inventory Management Software

Unleashed Software provides a powerful platform to accurately manage your inventory in real-time. Visibility of all inventory management processes and transactions across sales channels, staff and warehouses enables you to make sound business decisions based on dynamic inventory intelligence.


No more waiting for the end of the month
With everything online you can see how your business is ticking along in real-time from the smart dashboard. Get up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins in Unleashed, plus instant updates to your accounting system (when integrated). With all transactions processed in real-time, you can make better business decisions.


Make the most of the insight offered by real-time profit and loss updates.
Unleashed takes stock control seriously, not just quantities but values too. Using auditable transactions for all stock and stock value movements, you can track just who has done what. Nothing can slip through the cracks.


Easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations.
Unleashed lets you know exactly what stock you have, where. Plus you can segregate stock within your system to manage consignments or quarantined stock.


Unleashed makes your business truly global
It enables you to buy or sell in any currency with all transactions converted back to your base currency for accurate reporting. If you import stock, this multi-currency capability is an absolute must.


Often there are more costs involved in acquiring stock than just the buy price
Unleashed lets you add these additional costs (such as freight and duty) for each purchase order during the receipting process. This means you know exactly what your products owe you. This is especially important if you import your goods prior to sale as any cost fluctuations are automatically incorporated into your margin management.


Unleashed’s handy kitting feature means that you can sell bundled products without having to pre-assemble them
Completing kitted orders enables you to track the value of stock used, giving you an accurate finished goods cost.


It happens. Sometimes you don’t have all the stock on-hand to fulfill a sale.
With Unleashed, you can seamlessly split the sale into multiple shipments. Get the stock that you do have out of the door to the customer, and simultaneously order the balance. Ship the remaining items when you’re ready to complete the sale at a later date. What can be a complex inventory management process is made easy.


Take control of every order going out the door.
Unleashed Software’s pick and pack features give you more control of your warehouse operations. Not only can you track stock from ‘pick’ right through to ‘dispatch’ (including track-and-trace for orders on delivery) but everyone in the business can see the progress in real-time. So you’re all on the same page, no more guesswork or unanswered questions.


You can expand your business capability through integrating Unleashed with other best of breed cloud solutions
Unleashed software’s online platform has been built to seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based business solutions which means you can easily link up your Unleashed account with other services that are complementary. This makes the tasks of running your business increasingly streamlined as data is synchronized across the different applications.
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