Xero Online Accounting Software

Xero Online Accounting Software

From baking to bricklaying, consulting to crafting – whatever keeps you busy, Xero makes your business life easier. Xero is online accounting software that connects you with your numbers, your business and us, your advisors. Anytime, anywhere from any device.


Xero is an accounting and payroll solution in one
Xero turns the old days of manual entry on its head. Super payments and tax updates are automatic, plus a special portal gives you a complete snapshot of your payroll and leave.


Login and send an invoice the minute a job is done.
You get notified when your customer opens the invoice, and he or she can pay you online right away. And we know that staying on top of your old invoices is hard work. So we’ll check in from time to time and make sure you’re getting paid as much and as fast as you deserve.


Manage all aspects of your business by integrating applications with Xero.
CRM, inventory management, invoicing & job systems, plus a wide range of other software. Read here for a list of add ons that we partner with.


Bringing more heads to your books is easy with Xero.
Just give us access and we’ll log in, look at your numbers and give you advice. Perfect for spotting opportunities and nipping problems in the bud.


On the move? Get access with Xero’s iPhone or Android app.
Access accounts, check balances, upload receipts and invoice customers from your smartphone or tablet (while kicking back at your favourite cafe) with Xero’s iPhone or Android app.


Xero receives your bank statements automatically via a secure connection
This makes it a breeze to reconcile and gain a complete and up-to-date snapshot of your business from the breakfast table to your favourite coffee shop. And if something doesn’t look right, leave a comment. We’ll log in and give you a quick health check.
“Peter (Smile Business Consulting) has been a great addition to our business and team. In a matter of months we have started to see some real business results. All the objectives and goals set by Peter are starting to be achieved. Our business now has a clear financial performance strategy with all the necessary tools in place to allow us to continually monitor how we are performing against our targets. I am looking forward to the further changes Peter will be implementing over the coming months. These changes are exciting for our business which will allows us the opportunity to understand in far greater detail where our business’ profitability really lies and uncover opportunities that we never knew existed within our business. Our IT department, administration staff and myself found Peter to be an excellent communicator and mentor, a real pleasure to work with and a great asset to our company I would not hesitate in recommending Smile’s services to any other business.”
Sergio Esteves (Director), Medical Design Innovations Pty Ltd
“I have seen first hand the fantastic work Peter at Smile Business Consulting does with his clients. Peter’s assistance with the structuring of financial management, management reporting and banking arrangements, have provided significant time and money savings for his clients.”
Brent Charlton (Director), Altitude Financial Group
“Our company has benefited considerably from Smile’s services. We have seen our cash flow improve significantly, more structure and direction in our finance and accounting department, improvements in our management reporting allowing us to make more informed business decisions and a restructure of all of our banking and international trade requirements which will see us save thousands of dollars a year.”
Declan Wise (Director), Afends Pty Ltd
“I have worked with Peter for over 6 years, in his capacity as a banker but also as a consultant. I consider Peter to be exceptionally talented at what he does. He is one of few people who has gained experienced from the Corporate world plus also can provide knowledge from his experiences in small and medium business. A combination of Peter’s banking experience and education has seen him able to assist numerous businesses over the years, not only from a structural position but also from a profitability and strategic viewpoint. In this regard I would not hesitate (and in the past have done so), in recommending his services to anyone. He has been a great partner to my business.”
John Cutler (Director), Finance Strategies & Solutions Pty Ltd
“Peter has worked with our company for over 3 years and has been a great partner to our business. Peter has provided us with great professional advice that has lead to fantastic results with our reporting, systems and processes, cash flow and banking. I would not hesitate in recommending Smile’s services to anyone.”
Gavin Rowan (Director), Heritage Tree Care