Brisbane Software Developers

The Smile IT innovation incubator, known as JetLabs, is the home of our Brisbane software development and design team. The brief we’ve given these gurus of code is to develop software products that solve specific business or process problems. We want them to make your life easier, to boost your productivity and efficiency. To bring your ideas to life!

The JetLabs Goal

Our goal with JetLabs is to create cost-effective solutions that quickly translate into business value. With this in mind, our software development philosophy is based on the following elements:

Lean – our solutions are designed to remove complexity from processes and to simplify work methods. They’re cloud-based to support accessibility and scalability, and formed on a tried and tested internet technology stack.

Reusability – a modular approach to product architecture and coding allows us to develop robust, highly maintainable products that share a common core. We can rapidly develop new applications on a single platform that is continually being improved.

Scalability – we ‘containerise’ our apps and use a system of automated deployment, scaling and management.  This ensures our products are delivered and orchestrated consistently across the cloud and different operating systems.

jetlabs goal

Technology We Use

Our highly trained Brisbane software developers certainly know their stuff. They’re experts in the following technologies, which can be leveraged to create ground-breaking products:

Python – a widely used and highly extensible cross-platform development language;

Django – a Python-based web framework that supports rapid design. (Incidentally, it’s the technology behind platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest);

PostgreSQL – one of the world’s most popular enterprise-class database management systems;

Kubernetes – a container orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling and management;

React – a software library for creating interactive UI’s for web applications.

JetLabs: the innovation centre where all of our software projects start their lives.

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