The work landscape is changing, and businesses around the world are increasingly vulnerable to hackers and cyber crime. A digital transformation is underway as remote work becomes more prevalent and there’s more reliance on cloud networks and communication and collaboration tools.

The question is, are the cyber security measures you have in place sufficient for these changes? Is your data safe? Smile IT are the cybersecurity experts who can help you answer that question. Let’s get started. 


Protecting your clients’ data and your systems and processes from online threats is essential to business sustainability. Cyber security is not just a one-off fix, it’s an evolving solution that needs to stay one step ahead of constantly developing threats. 

The truth is, using a firewall and antivirus software just isn’t enough to keep you protected these days. You need an IT partner who’s up to speed with the latest cyber attacks and how to repel them. This way they can ensure client confidentiality, information security and uninterrupted services. 

As your cyber secure managed IT services provider, Smile IT will address cyber security issues like:

network risk
Network Assessment

We’ll identify any vulnerabilities lurking in your network.

email security
Email Security

Let’s find out if your email is adequately protected from scammers.

staff training
Team Awareness

Have you educated your staff members on the latest cybersecurity threats?

mobile security
Mobile Security

Is your team set up to securely work from home or in the field?

Backup System

Is your business data backed up in multiple locations in case of a hack?

data recovery
Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you got an up-to-date and effective IT disaster recovery plan in place?

Protect your business. Talk to a cyber security expert today. 


Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, posing a big challenge for companies of all sizes. Most systems and processes, not to mention valuable client data, is online in todays world. That’s cyber gold for hackers and fraudsters, and needs to be protected at all costs!

It takes time and resources though. You have to be on the ball, agile and constantly monitoring your cyber security situation. Your team needs to be educated in remaining vigilant against cyber threats. They need to understand the risks and be engaged in the protection process. 

Most management teams can’t effectively manage their cyber security. The answer lies in outsourcing.  Dedicated Brisbane cyber security specialists, Smile IT, have an expert team of professionals committed to keeping your business safe. From IT consultants to a Virtual CIO and ISMS implementers, we’re here to take the overwhelm out of keeping your business secure. 

Here are some of the benefits of turning to Smile IT to take care of your cyber security:

24/7 Managed Security Services

As a managed IT services provider, we monitor your IT systems for risks all day, every day. Thanks to your advanced cyber security threat detection systems we can establish if malware has entered your system, which emails are suspicious, and what downloads could be harmful. 

Remote Work Ready

With a large portion of our workforce operating out of home offices, it’s even harder to keep on top of our cyber security. Smile IT can help ensure the move to remote work is seamless and secure, keeping your business information safe and advising your staff of best practices.

Cyber Security Training

Many hacks and breaches of a company occur because of human error. You need an engaged team who are aware of the threats posed by cyber security, and who actively work towards minimising them. Cyber security training and education are vital to achieve this. 

Cyber Security Audits

If you’re worried that your cyber defences aren’t enough for the modern digital landscape, our cyber security audit will check your malware defences, your email and browser defences and your network and device security configurations. We can also see where you stand with regard to the Essential Eight mitigation strategies.

Firewall Security

Most networks have a secure boundary defending it known as a firewall. This keeps out unwanted, potentially dangerous traffic and intruders. A 24/7 firewall acts as a first line of defence against malicious cyber security actors. 


There are laws and regulations around keeping your clients’ data and information secure. Smile IT will ensure you’re on the right side of the law and fully compliant with all governing bodies. 

Disaster Recovery 

In the event of a cyber-attack or breach, it’s essential to have disaster recovery processes in place that allow your business to return to normal operations as soon as possible. Your data should be backed up onsite as well as in the cloud, to ensure no matter how catastrophic the breach, you’ll always have a copy. 

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is an important additional method of fortifying your password security. When you log into an account, as well as inputting your password you have to pass through an additional layer of security. This could be a text message, an email or a code from an authenticator app.


Here are some of our tech gurus who will help boost your cyber defences and protect your data. Get in touch with them using the form above, or simply give us a ring on 1300 766 720.


In recent years working from home or from outside the office has gained plenty of traction. For many businesses, the focus turned to serving customers through digital channels, which in turn created a massive demand for digital services and software. 

Managed Service Providers and IT companies had to facilitate this movement to remote work, whilst also accommodating the extra security vulnerabilities it created. Devices had to be secured, staff had to be educated and gaps in networks had to be plugged. Computers were patched, mobile software updates, VPN’s installed and initiated. 

New risks had to be navigated, such as the relaxing of some procedures and standards simply to maintain ongoing operations. This required agility from companies, many of whom weren’t sufficiently cyber-savvy to navigate the changing environment. 

That’s where Smile IT came in. We helped many clients of all different sizes transition to working from home safely and securely. We can assess and audit your remote work IT requirements, verify the technology capacity required and then ensure it’s safety. All this is done with your cybersecurity budget in mind. 

We’re agile, on the ball and proven to be able to adapt to the changing environment. For expert cybersecurity services, get in touch today. 


Smile IT has a growing collection of security resources to help you navigate keeping your company IT secure. Have a read of the articles below, and get in touch for more information about our security solutions.


Offering best-in-class products and an incredibly experienced team, we can detect and respond to security threats before they become a problem for your business. Get better protected today and get in touch with Smile IT.