Cambium Networks: Connecting People

Cambium Networks is a top-tier wireless networking solutions provider, helping connect more people worldwide with their flexible and scalable solutions. At Smile IT, we understand the power of connectivity when it comes to transforming businesses and worksites.

That’s why we’re so proud to be an official Australian Cambium Networks partner.

They’re a global leader in delivering high-quality broadband solutions that allow for fast, reliable internet connections regardless of location. Perfect for Smile IT’s remote communications services that help remote worksites enjoy next-level connectivity.

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Here’s what we love about Cambium – they understand people have diverse needs when it comes to networks. They’ve designed solutions to accommodate those, allowing us to select the right technology to solve any connectivity challenges.

Their solutions include:

  • Fibre Solutions
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband
  • Hybrid Fibre and Wireless Networks
  • Outdoor Wireless
  • Enterprise Networking.

Whatever industry you’re in, from mining to energy, healthcare to education, you can benefit from the robust, high-performance connectivity Cambium offers.

Smile IT is an official Cambium Networks Partner



Laying fibre in remote mine sites or temporary worksites in the middle of nowhere often isn’t a viable option. Cambium Networks allow us to deploy wireless technology fast, leading to rapid setup of networks and delivery of high-speed internet to areas where traditional wired solutions aren’t practical.

Their wireless broadband products are designed to:

Extend Connectivity: Provide internet access to remote and rural areas with reliable last-mile and backhaul products.

Enhance Network Performance: High throughput, low latency, and reliable connections, even in challenging environments.

– Support Scalability: Networks that grow seamlessly as demand increases, giving remote worksites flexibility and scalability.



As remote communications experts, it’s our goal to deliver cutting-edge connectivity solutions to worksites that fall outside the scope of traditional networks. Cambium Networks offers technology that assists us in doing this, aligning perfectly with our commitment to excellence. Here’s why we trust Cambium:

– Reliability: Cambium Networks’ products are renowned for their reliability and performance, which means minimal downtime and maximum productivity for your business.

– Innovation: These guys are at the forefront of wireless technology innovation, continuously improving their products.

– Support: Solid technical support and a wealth of resources make it easy to effectively deploy and maintain Cambium solutions.

– Efficient: Deploying a network using their products is an easy process that allows us to connect worksites fast.


By partnering with Cambium Networks, Smile IT offers unparalleled connectivity solutions to companies with worksites in remote locations. We’d love to tell you more! Get in touch with the form below or give us a ring on 1300 766 720.