Businesses operating worksites in remote regions of Australia face a common issue: accessing the information highway. As with any workplace, you still need robust, secure and fast networks to support your operations. However high-grade connectivity isn’t available in most of these areas.

We can help!

Smile IT specialises in high-grade remote communications solutions. We deliver robust and clear connectivity that meets the needs of the mining, oil and gas, energy and construction industries. Click the button below to get in touch!


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Industrial Kinetic Mesh for Site-Wide Connectivity

Industrial mesh helps us spread connectivity to every corner of your remote site. Kinetic Mesh technology from Rajant creates a dynamic, self-healing network that adapts to the changing conditions around it. It keeps all personnel and devices connected, even in the most vast and complex environments like shipping ports or open pit mine sites.

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High Speed Satellite Connectivity from Starlink

Starlink has changed the game when it comes to providing a source of highspeed internet to your remote work site. Unprecedented speeds and low latency help your site stay connected to the world, with geographical location no longer a barrier. Starlink brings the internet in, and Smile IT provides solutions to distribute it around your site.

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Reliable Backhaul Solutions Using Cambium

Reliable backhaul is an essential component in a remote communication infrastructure. When fibre backhaul or other options aren’t available, we turn to Cambium Networks, a global leader in wireless connectivity. No matter how formidable your environment is, Cambium can provide the wireless network to support your mission critical operations. Minimum downtime, maximum productivity.

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CCTV and Security Solutions

We supply and install advanced CCTV systems to provide comprehensive surveillance of your remote site. With real-time monitoring and activity recording, you’ll enjoy enhanced security and easier incident investigation. Assets are safeguarded, peace-of-mind is improved, and your business may be more compliant to industry regulations.

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Access Control

Access control lets you effectively manage who enters and exits your work site. We install sophisticated systems that integrate with your current infrastructure and give you full control over personnel access. Sensitive areas will only be able to be accessed by authorised individuals, and overall site security is improved.

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Rajant KMP


With Rajant Kinetic Mesh, you get a scalable network that works autonomously across a dynamic environment. It’s a mobile-enabled, peer-to-peer network with no single point of failure and self-healing capabilities. You get 100% resilience, which equates to uninterrupted connectivity and less downtime.

Cambium networks


Cambium’s connectivity infrastructure solutions aim to connect the unconnected. Their reliable and efficient wireless broadband products deliver scalable and secure connectivity. This makes them the ideal partner for delivering rock-solid networks to keep remote work sites operational.

cisco partner


Cisco is a global IT and networking leader, delivering a wide range of products to enhance connectivity and communication. With a focus on the cutting-edge, their outdoor wireless access points and wireless backhaul devices are tried and tested in extreme conditions.

ubiquiti partner


Ubiquiti Networks constantly pushes the boundary when it comes to networking technology. Their range of fibre optic solutions, antennas, security access control and camera security surveillance are built to meet the demands of any environment.

salto partner


Salto deliver smart, advanced and flexible access solutions that increase security and safety for people and property. Their keyless systems can cover wide outdoor areas, offering 24/7 security and streamlined management, providing you with control and reassurance.

zella dc queensland partner


Zella DC build rugged, containerised data centres that can be placed in inhospitable environments and still provide reliable performance. Dust, heat and unpredictable power are no match for this environmentally friendly solution.

peplink partner


Peplink have become a global leader in providing robust networks in difficult environments. Problems concerning slow internet speeds, high costs and unreliability are all addressed by Peplink’s advanced solutions.

Want to Get Your Remote Site Connected?



Real World Experience

Smile IT has become known as the remote connectivity expert, helping work sites in tough and inhospitable terrain experience fast networks for data, voice and video transmission. Whether it’s the mining industry, oil and gas or energy, we’ll connect your remote work site.


Your growth and success is important to us, so our solutions are designed to keep up as your worksite expands. Whether it’s your team that’s growing or you’re expanding operations, we’ll be there to keep you connected, no matter the location.


We employ advanced cybersecurity methods to keep your network safe from potential threats. Your business information and client data is the lifeblood of your business, and needs to be protected to keep your reputation intact and your company compliant.

24/7 Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring and support helps us pick up potential issues before they snowball into a major problem. Our proactive approach minimises downtime and keeps your remote worksite operational and connected at all times.

Australian Help Desk

Quick response times and personalised support from our Australian help desk means your questions and concerns are dealt with promptly. Our expert team understand your industry and geographic context and provide the right kind of advice in an easy-to-understand manner.




The tough, isolated environments of remote mine sites need robust and resilient networks to support widespread personnel and the operation of big, complex machines.

Energy Industry

Far flung oil and gas rigs need uninterrupted operations, and that means efficient, reliable data transmission from remote sites to central control headquarters.


Luxury yachts, tourist cruise ships and large transportation ships rely on communications for the safety, coordination and operations of vessels, crew and passengers.


Safely exploring harsh and remote environments in the mining and energy sectors needs clear communications for safety, coordination, navigation support and emergency response.


The Smile IT team will build a secure and fast network at your worksite, wherever it is located. Ring us on 1300 766 720 or drop us a line using the form below for more information.