Starlink Brisbane: A Guide

Starlink Brisbane: A Guide

As Starlink establishes itself in Brisbane and around Queensland, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about what it is and who can benefit from it.

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk has a habit of creating waves of progress in the tech industry. In our interconnected world where access to fast internet has become almost a prerequisite to modern living, his Starlink satellite internet service is at the forefront of any connectivity discussions.

At Smile IT, we want to help you be a part of these discussions. So below we’re answering some questions in what will undoubtedly turn into the definitive Starlink Brisbane guide! (Maybe.) Let’s dig in.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite-based internet service available in Brisbane and all over Australia, as well as in cooperating countries around the world. It’s provided by Mister Musk’s SpaceX corporation, with the goal of providing global internet access at high speeds.

If you’ve ever lived in a rural area and had to deal with dire internet speeds or next-to-impossible satellite connections, you’ll appreciate the nobility of this quest. It has the ability to transform lives, businesses and communities, bringing connectivity and communication to corners of the earth they would never have otherwise reached.

But how exactly does it work?

How Does Starlink Work?

Starlink Brisbane Guide

Starlink works the same way, whether you’re in remote Queensland or a distant Himalayan valley. SpaceX has launched a constellation of small satellites into space that all orbit in close proximity to the Earth’s surface. At the time of writing over 5,000 satellites are in action, although the aim is for a total of 42,000 to be launched over the next two decades.

These low-orbiting satellites act as normal satellite telecommunications services do, communicating with each other and with ground stations on Earth via radio waves. The internet data is then beamed to end users with a Starlink setup.

If Starlink is so similar to other satellite internet services, why is it the talk of the town? Let’s take a look at what sets this service apart.

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The Genius of Starlink

Two factors help Starlink leave satellite internet competitors in the dust. The first is proximity. We mentioned that the Starlink satellites stick close to the surface of the earth – they’re technically known as low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. They’re actually 65 times lower in altitude than traditional satellites used by telecommunications companies. This closeness to the end user means higher speeds, and less latency, as we’ll discuss below.

The second factor is the sheer volume of Starlink satellites. 22 feet in length, they are much more nimble and easier to launch than standard satellites, which are about the same size as a bus. While traditional satellite internet providers may only have one or two satellites in orbit, Starlink is able to send up thousands of them, all orbiting in a low-lying constellation.

More satellites mean more opportunities to provide high-speed connections to far-flung corners of the world. It also means more reliability and consistently high speeds for Starlink Brisbane users. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these and other benefits of this service.

Starlink Roam

You can now take your high-speed internet connection with you, wherever you go in Australia and even around the world. Standard Starlink can used at any destination that has active Starlink coverage… which is the whole of Australia!

If you need in-motion use, Starlink Mobility Plans allow for the hardware to be installed permanently on a vehicle. This brings high-speed, low-latency internet into your truck, car or camper, wherever you drive around the country. The maritime sector is also catered to, with global maritime plans available for ships traversing the world.

The Benefits of Starlink Australia

With Starlink available Australia-wide, these are the benefits that could entice you to start using it:

Blistering fast speeds: According to Starlink, their speeds should range between 50 and 200Mbps. The broadband testing company Ookla ran independent tests and confirmed an average speed of over 106Mbps in the last quarter of 2022. If you upgrade to Starlink business, you can enjoy speeds of up to 220Mbps. These are all massive improvements on traditional satellite internet and even leave some fixed-line connections behind.

Low latency: Latency is the lag time that data takes moving from one point to another. Lower latency means you get your information faster. With traditional satellite services, lag can be a serious issue because of the massive distance between the satellite and Earth. With their LEO satellites, Starlink reduces this distance and solves this problem. They advertise a latency of 20ms, which would be similar to fixed-line NBN connections in Brisbane.

Wide coverage: We’re particularly excited about Starlink for our customers in remote parts of Queensland. People who would never have experienced a decent connection in their home or business now have access to all of the benefits of reliable, fast internet.

Scalability: High-density areas have the propensity to overload internet systems as the large number of users places pressure on the bandwidth resources. Starlink has built-in scalability, with the ability to add satellites to high-demand areas to ensure speeds remain consistently high. This kind of agility is also useful in times of crisis – for example, if there is a natural disaster in an area more mobile satellites can be deployed to ensure seamless connectivity for emergency services.

No Caps on Data: There’s no limit to the amount of streaming, gaming and downloading you can do with Starlink. You can enjoy worry-free internet usage!

As you can see, Starlink is an incredible service, particularly for Queenslanders who live out in the country. If you’re in a well-serviced part of Brisbane where you have solid internet with no downtime, it may not be worth the investment though. Let’s take a look at the costs involved.

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How Much Does Starlink Cost in Brisbane?

Starlink comes with a standard price for the whole of Australia, so wherever you are in Queensland these will apply to you. Visit for the latest prices. Remember if you’re using a professional installer then installation costs will be additional.

Ordering your Starlink kit can be also done from their website. The kit includes a dish, a mounting tripod and a WiFi router, and shipment is within days of your order being placed. When it arrives, we recommend a professional technician to perform the installation.

Brisbane Starlink Installations

business telecoms in construction

If you’d like a seamless Starlink setup process in Brisbane or around Queensland, Smile IT is here for you. We’ve performed multiple Starlink installations around Queensland.  Getting it done right the first time is essential to your peace of mind, plus if you ever have an issue with your connection our team is just a phone call or a support ticket away!

We’d love to answer any questions you might have about Starlink. Hit us up today if you need any more information, our team can’t wait to hear from you!

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