Peplink: Unbreakable Connectivity

If you’re looking for unbreakable connectivity solutions, you’ve found Peplink! They’re absolute pro’s at developing cutting edge products to keep businesses connected, no matter how challenging the environment is.

Smile IT is proud to be a Peplink partner because their commitment to innovative excellence aligns with our own mission to provide robust networks to remote worksites Their remote connectivity solutions are designed for seamless network performance, ideal for companies seeking top-tier network performance regardless of location.

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Peplink is a leading vendor of enterprise and wireless software-defined routers. They have a broad range of products, of which the following are included:

– Enterprise Routers: businesses of all sizes can enjoy high-speed and secure internet connectivity with their enterprise routers.

– Enterprise Mobility: Robust and flexible connectivity for businesses on the move.

– SpeedFusion: Combining multiple internet connections into a single, fast connection optimises performance and the end-user experience.

– SD-WAN: Peplink has developed a powerful product suite to help build resilient and easy-to-deploy SD-WAN networks.

Smile IT is an official Peplink partner in Queensland



Combining Peplink with Starlink is a way to supercharge connectivity to your remote worksite! You can bond together multiple Starlinks for increased reliability, or even automatically backup a fibre or cellular internet connection with Starlink.

From the wide expanse of a mine site to the dynamic conditions of global shipping, Peplink will ensure uninterrupted communications and data transfer from your Starlink system. High speeds and low latency connections to difficult-to-service locations, with zero downtime thanks to Peplink’s failover solutions. Traffic can also be optimised thanks to traffic steering, allowing you to designate priority traffic so your applications aren’t held back.

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At Smile IT we love partnering with brands that align with our progressive vision of using technology to make running businesses easier, regardless of location. Here are some of the reasons partnering with Peplink is such an easy decision for us:

– Reliability: Reduced downtimes and continuous operations are what you get from a sturdy, stable network. That’s what Peplink provides.

– Scalability: Peplink’s networks can grow with your business, so you can plan ahead knowing your tech won’t hold you back.

– Performance: Fast, efficient connectivity thanks to a next-gen product suite and reliable support.

– Innovation: Peplink is committed to staying ahead of the curve, meeting the changing needs of businesses as they grow and evolve.


Partnering with Peplink allows us to offer our clients the best in connectivity solutions. We’d love to tell you more or talk about how we can get your worksite connected, no matter how remote.  Get in touch below or give us a ring on 1300 766 720.