The mining industry needs reliable communications and fast connectivity, no matter how remote a mining site is. Sound impossible? Smile IT makes it possible, thanks to our technical expertise and years of experience in mining industry IT, helping mining companies improve their remote communications. We understand the importance of safety to mining operations, we’ve got the certifications and we’re not scared of a bit of heat. For a mining industry IT service provider who’ll keep your technology seamlessly aligned with the expansion of your mining company, please get in touch.


Does Your IT Supplier Understand Mining IT Solutions?

A remote mining site throws up all sorts of IT challenges for the mining industry. How do you ensure high-speed internet connectivity around the entire site? Can safety data be easily accessed at all times? What’s the best means of facilitating clear and reliable communications to head office?

Smile IT relishes these challenges. We’ve got a great track record of helping mines overcome issues associated with their location, with the safety compliance of their technology and ageing IT infrastructure. We work with small-to-medium sized mines, providing an integrated service that can oversee all facets of their technological operations, from internal networking to access security and data backups.

Some of our successful tasks for mining companies around Australia include:

– Deploying a flawless SD-WAN around an entire mine site, ensuring high speed connectivity no matter a team members location.

– Performing full technology audits of a mine and advising where to improve safety, efficiency and IT compliance.

– Restructuring telecoms platforms through our Smiletel arm to ensure transparent, fast and reliable communications.

– Drastically improving the security of vital mine site data.

For a more in-depth account of our work with a single mining company, have a read of this Case Study about how we helped a successful medium-sized mine overcome a significant amount of technology challenges:


A Case Study: Mining Industry Managed IT Services


Safety Focused

Mine Safety

Safety comes first on a mine. Smile IT completely gets that, and we prioritise it in everything we do. Having a progressive IT services provider like us will help in your administration of safety features and services.

Technology Audits

Technology Audits

Smile IT can do a full audit of the technology currently deployed on your mine site. Our advice and recommendations will help modernise your operations, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

Integrated Tech

Integrated Tech

Enjoy seamless inter-operability when all your third-party mining technology partners fall under one arm. Smile IT acts as an umbrella company, ensuring the tech around your mine site is updated and compliant.

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Our Mining Clients

Here’s a look at some of the mining clients we’ve been involved with over the years, and what we did for them. Please get in touch if you have any questions about how we can similarly help you with your mine site IT.

Hanwha Logo


The Hanwha Group is a “Fortune Global 500” company and one of the top-ten business organisations in South Korea. Hanwha opened an Australian office in 2014 and have since expanded their mining operations throughout Queensland and Western Australia.

A successful international organisation needs to be selective of who they partner with, so we’re extremely proud that they chose Smile IT to deliver IT solutions for them.

Some of the tasks we’ve undertaken for them include:​

  • Configuring their laptops and desktops, including remote data migration and technical assistance
  • Configuring and managing remote camera systems
  • Establishing and configuring wireless networks in remote areas of Australia
  • Managing their decentralised, cloud-based corporation.
  • RMS (Remote Mixing Station) Site Install, Connectivity and Support
  • Design of Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy
  • The review and implementation of a Data Governance framework
  • Savings of $25K per month implementing managed Telecoms, multi provider data links and IP phone
  • Implementation of end to end management and support services across IT Infrastructure and users
  • CCTV implementation, monitoring and support
  • Remote long range Comms links 4G, Fibre, Satellite and Copper
  • Savings of up to 200K on project costs leveraging new network technology

The Hanwha setup is unique because they’re completely decentralised. This means they don’t have a central server that would impact all sites in the event of an outage. They can setup mine sites rapidly and reduce the impact of an outage, as all sites are dependant of each other. Another benefit of decentralisation means that Hanwha can be fluid in the amount of equipment they use and how they use it. In addition to the benefits of being decentralised, Hanwha is cloud-based, so they have access to all their resources regardless of their location. Taking care of the month’s accounts from a mine site in the remote outback? Completely possible with this advanced setup.

Middlemount Coal logo

Middlemount Coal

A successful medium-sized mine. At their large open-pit site they operate more than 20 different mining-specific software systems. Their complex network requires wide area coverage as well as multi-site connectivity. Smile IT quickly learned and understood the business needs and internal operations of their systems, allowing us to provide reliable, solutions, a world-class first line of support and consistent up-time for their business-critical systems.

Using our experience with ITIL and COBIT governance frameworks, we identified areas of concern and successfully implemented the following projects to address these :

  • Development of an Online Induction Application for visitors
  • Improved communications links from 4MB to 10MB by implementing an IP VAS
  • Telecommunications restructure project including relocation of data centre and supply/configuration of IP phones. (Major cost savings were achieved)
  • Telematic monitoring on all vehicles using Wenco (including Wi-Fi mesh for pit coverage)
  • Implemented fuel farm network and live fuel usage monitoring across site
  • Improved security, swipe cards, boom gates and CCTV across mine site
  • Implemented full documentation and IT handbook for site and support
  • Installed long range microwave links for wide area network access
  • Installed Multi-Panel Informational TV solution for safety and training.
Coalmont Logo

CoalMont Pty Ltd

Smile IT designed, purchased and implemented an IT infrastructure solution for the new Coalmont Brisbane office. We had to:

  • Deploy and install a physical server
  • Deploy and install networking equipment and firewall
  • Deploy and install desktops and laptops based on user requirements
  • Deploy and implement security policies based on corporate requirements
  • Deploy and implement Cloud servers and Office 365 for email services
  • Deploy and implement Remote Monitoring and Maintenance software to monitor and maintain servers and workstations
  • Deploy and install a secure VPN for external users to securely access files hosted on the server in Brisbane
  • Implement an effective Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution using Shadow Protect and network attached storage
  • Deploy and install VOIP phone systems.

Smile IT is also responsible for assisting their Canadian staff with VPN access into the Brisbane office, and for replication of data from Canada to the server in Brisbane. For this Coalmont adopted our Cloud solutions and phone systems to allow for seamless communications.

Atherton Resources Logo

Atherton Resources

Smile IT provided IT support and maintenance for the IT infrastructure and staff operating from remote sites in Townsville and Chillagoe. We were responsible for:

  • Monitoring and maintaining all IT infrastructure at the two sites. This included the various servers, networking equipment and workstations used by the 40-plus staff onsite
  • Smile IT deployed and configured new networking equipment so that a secure site-to-site VPN could be established between the Townsville office, the Chillagoe office and the Brisbane office
  • Smile IT implemented WAN acceleration technology which considerably helped improve the links at the remote sites
  • Smile IT implemented a new backup and disaster recover solution to backup all server data to network attached storage and then replicate the backup data to external hard drives. This allowed the data to be taken offsite and used for recovery purposes in the event of a disaster
  • Smile IT designed and implemented a wireless point-to-point and 4G solution to provide internet access from the main office building in Chillagoe to site offices. These included 15-kilometre links from site to base station.
Auctus Resources Logo

Auctus Minerals

Working in Perth, Smile IT’s role with Auctus minerals was to provide IT support services after Auctus Minerals purchased Mungana Goldmines. This involved the following:​

  • An IT Helpdesk service
  • Provision of IT equipment during the transition process. Support was provided to the Perth office to provide IT equipment during the transition process
  • We teamed with Auctus Minerals management and their onsite consultants to provide detailed documentation of all the IT infrastructure. We also designed a refresh strategy to replace existing hardware across urban and remote sites
  • We did a site audit and network analysis as a planned basis for the implementation of a robust communication systems across the group
  • Smile IT worked with Ergon energy to build a $300K microwave solution to provide a high grade network to the mine site.
Mungana Goldmines Logo

Mungana Goldmines

Smile IT was contracted to plan, implement and deploy the IT infrastructure for Mungana Goldmines in their Brisbane offices. We also assisted with setting up remote sites and the staff IT requirements at these sites for 40 users.

Our IT infrastructure solution for the Brisbane office included the following:

  • Deploy and install a physical server
  • Install SQL server and document management solutions
  • Deploy and install networking equipment and firewall
  • Deploy and install desktops and laptops based on user requirements
  • Deploy and implement security policies based on corporate requirements
  • Deploy and implement Office 365 for email services
  • Deploy and install required licensing services
  • Deploy and install required geological software packages
  • Deploy and implement Remote Monitoring and Maintenance software to monitor and maintain servers and workstations
  • Deploy and install secure FTP server to provide off-site staff and external contractors access to large files
  • Deploy and install a secure VPN for external users to securely access files hosted on the server in Brisbane
  • Implement an effective Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution using ShadowProtect and network attached storage.

Smile IT also assisted with purchasing and deployment IT infrastructure for staff working at remote sites doing geological surveys and testing. This included offering monitoring, maintenance and support for these remote external users.

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