Do you feel in control over your IT environment? Are you completely certain your business isn’t exposed to any significant IT risks? Our IT governance service is a strategic offering based on the globally recognised COBIT standards. We analyse your existing IT processes and prioritise those that need attention. We then implement the improvements and provide assurance they’re operating correctly. Whether you’re in Brisbane or across Australia, you have the option of selecting preferred processes for implementation from our IT Governance Pack. This allows you to work to a current budget and plan future improvements.

IT Governance FAQ’s

What is IT Governance?

IT Governance is one step higher than IT management within an organisation. It’s about maximising the value of IT to your business, and is distinct to managed IT services in that it’s not concerned with the daily overseeing of your business IT environment. More about ensuring the operations of your IT assets are aligned with your business results, IT Governance is essentially an ongoing process.

A process where decisions are made around IT investments, and whose focus is to “ensure the delivery of business results, not IT performance” (CIO Wiki ).

What are the benefits?

Aligns IT with overall strategy of business: The effective management of your IT investments means they’ll complement your business goals rather than detract from them.

Optimises your IT resources: Responsibly using your IT resources will contribute to organisational efficiency and saved costs.

Performance Measurement: COBIT benchmarks provide and ongoing provide an ongoing means of ensuring your IT investments are contributing to goal achievement.

Enhanced Decision Making: Management can make informed decisions on the control and implementation of IT activities.

Risk Management: Being aware of the risks associated with IT investments allows management to make decisions accordingly and to look at mitigation methods.

What is COBIT?

COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology and is an internationally recognised IT governance framework. Smile IT uses COBIT to help your business create an IT strategy that adds value to your organisation and helps achieve your organisational goals.

COBIT provides the tools to analyse and measure your IT and make recommendations to structure it in alignment with your overall business strategy. It will help in integrating your IT with all your business departments, ensuring its part of a unified organisational vision.

Cobit Principles

Cobit has six principles that form the core foundations of its governance system:

  • IT needs to satisfy stakeholder needs and generate value, striking a balance between benefits, risks and resources. IT governance with a strategy in place is a big step towards this value. 
  • Multiple components working together make up an effective IT Governance system. 
  • A dynamic system is key, as this helps future proof your organization for long term viability.
  • IT management and governance need to be clearly clarified and distinguished within an organisation. 
  • Governance should be tailored to an organisation’s needs, with customised components prioritised according to designed parameters. 
  • End-to-end technology and information systems should be covered by the governance system, not just the IT function. 

How long does IT Governance need to go on for?

Effective Australian IT Governance will look different depending on your organisational goals. It’s an ongoing process. Even when the initial targets identified in the early stages have been met and a review shows overall success, there will still be scope for continual improvement.

Smile IT is a managed service provider offering Brisbane IT Governance. If you want to chat to someone about how our strategic service can help your company achieve its goals, get in touch! We’re based in Murarrie, Brisbane, but have clients across Queensland and the whole of Australia, so location is not an issue.

Questions About Brisbane IT Governance?

What Effective IT Governance Looks Like

Effective IT Governance enhances your organisational strategies and objectives. When you get buy-in from the entire company it becomes a much more effective process, so everyone from executives down need to be involved and engaged with it. How does a company go about instilling this engagement into their team? Here are a few pointers to help you prioritise an IT governance initiative within your company. 

IT Governance Education

Company leadership needs to be educated about the importance of IT governance first. Once they’re on board with the organisational initiative, the rest of the team tends to follow suit and it becomes ingrained in the company policy and culture. Educational resources that could sway your leadership could be getting an industry expert, such as Brisbane based Australian MSP Smile IT, to present on the importance of the concept of IT Governance. It could also mean presenting them with other publications recommending solutions to cybersecurity threats and other information systems weaknesses. 

Improve IT Governance Visibility

Start asking questions that highlight the importance of IT to your business, and how high their level of engagement is. These could include:

  • How often is leadership briefed on any IT risks affecting your company?
  • Is IT regularly spoken about at board and executive level?
  • Does IT strategy align with current business objectives?
  • Who is responsible for IT Governance within your company?
  • Are there performance indicators for IT installed?
  • IS the leadership hierarchy informed of the cybersecurity risk to your business?
  • Is there an understanding and measure of the returns IT investments create?

Outsourced IT Governance

Relieve the pressure on management by letting your expert IT managed services provider take care of your IT Governance for you. Smile IT are a Brisbane MSP who can do exactly that for you. We can effectively be an off-site IT department for your company, taking care of your entire Information Technology operation. Partnering with us will boost your cybersecurity, integrate you with the cloud and help keep your company at the cutting edge of IT operations. All without any stress on your management structure. 

If you’d like to know more about how we can help maximise the potential of IT to your company operations, get in touch and let’s chat about our MSP and IT Governance services. Or come and visit us in our Murarrie, Brisbane offices. We’d love to chat!