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One of the world’s most successful multinational tech organisations, Microsoft has risen to even greater prominence since it turned its focus to cloud computing. With Microsoft 365 rapidly changing how we communicate, collaborate and educate within our businesses, Smile IT is proud to be a Microsoft partner in Brisbane. 


In 1975 two young men named Bill Gates and Paul Allen set off on a tech journey that would change the world as we know it, when they took the first steps towards creating Microsoft. Their entrepreneurial skills and programming talents allowed one of the worlds most influential companies to blossom and grow into a technology giant. Most of us will turn to a Microsoft product every day in our work lives, from software to personal computers or electronics such as phones.

Smile IT will show you how to best utilise Microsoft products to improve your business functions. Ask us how.



Microsoft 365 is the very best in cloud-based productivity solutions. It brings together all the Microsoft Office apps you love such as Word and Excel, combined with best-in-class cloud services, advanced security and amazing collaboration options. If it’s time to transform and streamline your business processes, Smile IT can help you transition to Microsoft 365. You won’t look back.


Part of Microsoft 365, Sharepoint is a collaboration and document management tool that beautifully integrates with other apps for empowered sharing and enhanced teamwork. An intranet that allows you to share and manage content, information and applications across your organisation, Sharepoint builds cohesion and drives efficiency.


Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a solid layer of defence keeping your organisation safe from sophisticated cyber threats. From phishing emails to suspicious links, your organisation will be protected from malicious actors by industry-leading software. Real time reports, threat investigation capabilities and automated investigations sets this security software apart.


To go with their market-leading cloud and productivity solutions, Microsoft has a wide range of physical products that we use in our day to day lives. The Surface series of laptops, tablets and desktops are considered premium devices, indispensable to many businesses. They also offer mobile devices, PC accessories and the ever-popular X-Box gaming system.


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