We’re proud of our wide range of business telecoms solutions. SmileTel’s Business Cloud Voice Plans are more affordable than traditional business phone systems, and have added features and benefits. We can do an assessment of what you require in terms of internet and accessibility options, and then provide a compelling value proposition. You’ll enjoy lower costs, more features, plus the added benefit of local and trusted support.


Many businesses today are using residential broadband services that are dressed up to sound like reliable Business Grade Services. As with most things in business, you do only get what you pay for. Buying something purely on price almost always results in dissatisfaction.

Careful choice of an internet service that matches the needs of your business will result in an extremely powerful value proposition. Smile Tel will expertly evaluate your business telecoms needs, and our Business Grade Internet service solutions will make or save money for your business.


Smile Tel Business Voice plans work with a range of existing PBX phone systems as well as VOIP specific handset devices. If your business does not have a compatible phone system we use Yealink handsets for all of our customers.

Why Yealink? Because Smile Tel believes they are the best phones for our customers!

Founded in 2001, Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP Phone and IP communication solutions. For more than ten years, Yealink has focused on VoIP products characterized by high cost-performance, easy deployment and affordable price. Yealink benefits customers from flexibility and broad interoperability with the major IP-PBX, softswitch and IMS in the market. Chosen by famous carriers, enterprises and clients from over 80 countries, Yealink provides SMB and diversified customers from all over the world a best choice to extend the value of network communication.


Business Telecoms are the key to clear communications and heightened efficiency. Read a bit more about why they’re so important to your business in this article: “The Importance of Business Telecommunications

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