Zella DC: Rugged Data Solutions

Smile IT is proud to partner with Zella DC to bring their range of innovative, robust and easily deployed data centres to Queensland. Born out of the rugged and remote landscapes in Western Australia, they’re designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ideal for the mining and oil and gas industries.

Their standalone data centres cater to both indoor and outdoor environments, bringing edge computing to remote worksites. Cybersecure, environmentally sustainable and highly efficient, Zella DC data centres are the future of digital infrastructure. Chat with one of our team about Smile IT’s partnership with Zella DC today.



Zella DC’s range of data centres is designed to provide optimal performance and reliability both indoors and outdoors. Their product lineup includes:

Zella Pro: A compact, secure indoor micro data centre that removes the need for a traditional on-premises server room.

Zella Hut: Standalone outdoor micro data centre pre-configured for fast deployment. It’s secure and sealed, just add power!

Zella Max: 10ft, 20ft or 40ft containerised data centres that can be quickly deployed to a specified location. An easily scalable solution!

Zella Fort: An advanced micro data centre for the toughest of environments. Mobile and easy to set up, making it perfect for military and disaster recovery efforts.

Smile IT is an official Zella DC partner



A flagship offering from Zella DC is their containerised data centre. These modular units are self-contained and can be deployed in harsh, tough environments. They’re equipped with advanced cooling systems, power management, and security features to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

The containers can be located anywhere, are easy to set up and come with features like physical and cyber threat protection; alerts and automation; and remote management and monitoring.

If it’s a temporary solution for an exploration site that you need, or a scalable approach towards improving your remote worksite’s digital infrastructure, a Zella DC containerised data centre has the reliability you need.



Operating in industries where downtime is a massive expense nobody wants, Zella DC have built an impressive reputation across Australia and the world. Here are some of the reasons why:

– Innovation: Since day one Zella DC have been leading the charge when it comes to innovation. Intelligent, ground-breaking solutions are the result.

– Secure Reliability: Solid physical construction and a comprehensive suite of security features means your digital infrastructure and your business data isa safe as can be.

– Energy Efficiency: Advanced cooling and power management technologies minimise data consumption, reducing the carbon footprint of data processing.

– Scalability: These are highly scalable data solutions, which can be added to as your business needs evolve.

– Support: Zella DC doesn’t pull any punches with their support. They are straight talkers who adopt open, respectful and easy communication channels.


Partnering with Zella DC allows Smile IT to offer state-of-the-art data centre solutions to our clients around Queensland. Let’s explore how this can transform your business today. Get in touch below!