Salto is a global pioneer in electronic access control, identity management and locking technology. Their customised access solutions are scalable and secure, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and worksites in a user-friendly way.

At Smile IT, we’re proud to be a Salto partner and bring their exceptional access products to Queensland. Salto’s commitment to always pushing to improve their products aligns with our own progressive agenda. Jointly we can bring you unparalleled reliability from your smart access platform! Get in touch if you’d like more information.



Salto’s range of products meet the specific requirements of multiple industries. Their innovative solutions include:

Salto Space: This is a fully integrated standalone smart locking platform and web-based software management system.

Electronic Locks and Cylinders: Salto’s high-security locks and cylinders can be easily retrofitted into existing doors to upgrade them to electronic access control.

– Wall Readers and Controllers: Keyless convenience that effortlessly blends functionality and good looks, Salto’s wall readers offer online, real-time access control for sliding doors, gates, elevators, barriers and so on.

– Key Card, Fobs and Wearable Smart Wristbands: Salto has a wide range of credentials to suit different industries and applications.

Smile IT is an official Salto partner



One of Salto’s standout features is its cloud-based smart access solutions, Salto KS (Keys as a Service). This scalable access control solution comes with impressive functionality, including:

Remote Management: All doors, users and locations are managed in real-time, with control over locked doors, user access and event tracking all managed through a web or mobile app.

Scalability: Because it’s cloud-based, Salto KS can easily accommodate the growth of your organisation. Simply scale up your usage as you require.

Real-Time Updates: Any changes you make to access permissions or security settings happen immediately.

– Tracking: The ability to see who goes where and when provides valuable insights into the movement of your team.



We love partnering with companies who use smart tech to solve problems and genuinely make life easier for businesses. Salto does exactly that. Here are just a few reasons we’re proud to be a partner of theirs:

World-Leading Expertise: There’s a reason Salto has a powerful global presence: they’re good at what they do. They’ve proven themselves in a huge range of industries and provide in-depth support when needed.

Innovative Solutions: Salto access solutions are future-proof and secure, with advanced integration capabilities for all-encompassing site security.

Customisation and Flexibility: Highly adaptable, we can customise Salto access control to your business’s exact needs.

Environmental Awareness:  Salto has a range of policies in place that minimise their carbon footprint and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the environment.


Partnering with Salto allows Smile IT to deliver comprehensive and secure access control solutions to our clients. We’d love to tell you more about this cutting-edge technology. Get in touch below.