In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”​

This embodies our philosophy at Smile IT and is the primary driver for our organisational values. Whether contributions are through serving, or the provision of financial support, our overriding goal is to make life a little easier for those less fortunate.


Giving provides us with purpose. Purpose leads to happiness. Here are some of our current charity projects:

  • Little Windmills supports sick and injured kids in remote parts of Australia. Smile IT got involved in the 2018 Little Windmills charity fundraiser auction in central QLD. We helped with some great auction items and met some fantastic country folk.
  • We’re actively involved in supporting the Zimbabwe Aid Fund which provides assistance to old age pensioners who have been affected by economic collapse in the country. This has left many elderly people destitute and reliant on the help of others
  • In addition to this a team from Smile IT also participates in the annual Mother’s Day Classic walk in Brisbane in support of Breast Cancer awareness
  • We’re currently in touch with Peter’s family in Zimbabwe who help in developing a small farm school called Mitipitipi. The school has 2 basic buildings and until recently the children’s classroom was a shady tree. Peter’s Dad and brother Troy have slowly been helping build the classrooms when they have spare resources. Education is incredibly important for these children and we’re hoping to assist them in getting the basic resources they need. The first project, which kicks off in 2019, is to provide a building extension and new roof for the school.
  • Peter recently traveled to Zimbabwe to donate the reprovisioned laptops to Mitipitipi school located in Norton. Prior to donating the laptop our techs installed edubuntu onto the laptop which is a free education oriented operating system for kids of all ages.This brought smiles to little faces.
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Africa schools charity

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