Smile IT is built on a bedrock of trust. Strong client relationships are a massive priority for us, and we fuel them with clear communications and transparency. Support is provided by our simple and effective processes with clearly defined deliverables and fees. Less confusion means bigger smiles! We also adhere to industry standards across all our services, so you are guaranteed the quality of our work.



Smile IT has a reputation… and it’s a good one! We’re one of Brisbane’s leading technology support companies, a position we’ve been building towards since opening our doors in 2007.

We supply innovative IT solutions that incorporate the cloud, reduce IT expenditure and improve efficiency. Sound like a stretch? Not with the Smile IT A-Team! We have a well-trained crew of IT professionals, cloud integrators and cloud solutions architects to help support your business objectives. They make your smile our priority!

As an IT provider we’re agile and adaptable in catering to how your company operates. From strategic consulting services to specific tactical projects, our LEAN engagement methodology allows us to customize what we offer. Your requirements are met, and costs and timelines are clear and transparent.

We’ve also bucked the trend and not outsourced any of our support or business functions. We believe in local support for local companies, so have implemented an industry-leading Australian-based support and help desk. You can expect lightning quick response times and courteous, knowledgeable support!

For a holistic, personalised IT service, please get in touch. We offer a variety of uniquely-tailored support packages, all covered by 24/7 care. Our clients include small home offices; larger businesses of up to 1000 employees; and publicly listed mining corporations, so we’re confident we have the skills and capacity to improve and streamline your business IT.


Here’s our delivery model for every engagement:



We meet you, face to face, to discuss a potential job or project. We honestly assess what you need, whether we can help you, and how we can deliver on the project.



This is where we put together a roadmap of how to approach the job. We’ll either base it on our standard service templates, or customise a bespoke plan for your project.

The plan is then discussed with you, and we agree on timelines and costs. We want a great start to our client relationship, so we always aim for complete transparency in this process.



The plan is agreed upon, and we start work on your project. Along the way we keep you up to speed on the overall progress, as well as any changes or risks.



We obtain formal approval for each identified deliverable in the project plan. This way we know we have provided you with the highest level of value.



Relevant documentation is provided, and also retained within our IT Governance Framework on your behalf.



Once the project is completed we still monitor your progress with a view to providing ongoing support and improvement opportunities. This feedback loop is driven through the online IT Governance Framework.


We take a ‘LEAN’ approach to IT projects, focusing on continuous and incremental improvement. It’s all about delivering quality quickly and offering you the best value possible. To achieve this we’ve developed a standards-based ‘pack’ of effective and efficient processes customised to your business operations.