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Rajant are the wireless mesh game changer, committed to providing ultra-dependable, fast and secure connectivity across expansive industrial environments. Their mesh system seamlessly connects into your existing networks using a patented technology that allows for mobile communications which constantly adapt to the environment. They’re resilient, rugged and secure. 

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Companies across Queensland and Australia that need a dynamic and mobile wireless network can benefit from Rajant’s technology. The Kinetic Mesh® has fixed and mobile nodes that provide connectivity over an expansive and dynamic environment. Industrial applications include but aren’t limited to:

  • Mine sites: the scalable and adaptable nature of Kinetic Mesh® allows mine sites to move, adapt and upgrade their communications as required. Reliable video, voice and data mean improved health and safety as well as advanced real-time data collection.
  • Military: The rugged and reliable nature of Rajant’s technology allows for use in remote and hostile environments.
  • Agriculture: Clear networks can be enjoyed at every corner of a sprawling farm environment.
  • Container Ports:  Vehicles can talk to each other in and around the container stacks thanks to the mobility of the network.
  • Warehouse Communications: No downtime and a fast, all-encompassing network area improve productivity and efficiency.

Smile IT is an official Rajant Partner. Let’s get your Kinetic Mesh® setup!


Rajant Kinetic Mesh® uses patented technology to set it apart from other wireless mesh providers. It connects with existing satellite, LTE, fiber or fixed wireless networks, spreading that connectivity through its network of nodes. The result is a fully mobile network that is instantaneous and fail proof.

The network of wireless network nodes are called Breadcrumbs® and the mesh is Rajant’s Instamesh® networking technology. Wifi or ethernet connected devices such as phones, tablets or computers can communicate with the nodes for clear and reliable voice, video and data. The mesh network also allows for machine to machine communications.


Extreme Mobility:  This is a fully mobile peer-to-peer network with independent Breadcrumb® nodes, each with full routing capabilities.

Scalable: Nodes can be added to increase and improve the network. Relocation of the network is also possible, making it fully dynamic.

Resilient: Uptime is guaranteed thanks to the self healing capabilities if the Kinetic Mesh®, and the multiple nodes working together to prevent single points of failure.

Rugged and Secure: A military and mining background has seen the mesh prove itself in extremely rugged conditions.

Maximum Bandwidth Use: Wireless and wired connections are routed dynamically over the best available links.


In 2001 tragedy struck the world with the 9/11 crisis in New York. Two tech visionaries watched as observed how the communications between the first responders using voice and data networks was severely hampered by the wireless mesh technology available at the time.

Robert Schena and Paul Hellhake saw the need for technology that was robust, mobile and reliable, no matter the environment. This was the first step towards their creation of the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network.

Fast forward over two decades, and today there is no comparable product in terms of quality and reliability on the market. Rajant have forged a path of excellence and today set the wireless mesh benchmark.


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