Our IT consulting team wants to save your business money. But it’s not just your bottom line we want to improve – it’s your efficiency and productivity. The way you use technology. How your internal business functions work together. We want to streamline your operations, so you can enjoy the synergistic outcomes of a well-planned IT strategy!

How do we achieve this? Through our uniquely tailored consulting services. These are products built on a lean and bespoke methodology, devised after extensive and in-depth consultations with your business. Let’s take a deeper look at our consulting product suite.

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Your business has goals and a growth trajectory. You need an IT strategy to support them – cybersecure, future proof and aligned with your overall budget. With that in mind, our consulting team will collaborate with you on a deep dive into your internal processes, learning and understanding your goals, and putting together an IT strategy that facilitates them while saving you money.

Here’s what they’ll get into:

  • Defining a tech cost per person in your organisation
  • Establishing cost control
  • Designing an IT road map
  • Ensuring your IT costs don’t negatively impact your growth.

Let’s take a look at the model we utilise in our consulting process.


It consulting suite of products

1.0 Business Capability Model

Our IT consulting process begins with our Business Capability Model. This is a complimentary onsite ‘discovery’ consultation that usually takes up to half a day. We use it to learn about your business, what makes it tick, and where we can improve your use of technology.

We want to know what your business does, what tools you use, and how you engage with your key stakeholders. By the end of the consultation we’ll have a solid understanding of what your IT picture looks like. We’ll be able to see if you’re spending too much or too little on your IT in comparison to your industry norms, and will have identified any shortcomings in your tech acquisition process. Any overlaps in platform functionality will be identified, helping us streamline your tech stack for greater efficiency and productivity.

All of the above is presented in a comprehensive report, as well as recommendations and quotes for ongoing consulting services, tailored to your business operations.

2.0 IT Strategic Plan Process

We perform a deep analysis of your business strategy, figuring out the role technology plays in it and how we can improve on it. By engaging with internal stakeholders we will identify gaps and opportunities, implementing value-optimising solutions that improve workflow and output. We’ll look at current and upcoming projects, ensuring your enterprise architecture can support them now and into the future.

3.0 Cybersecurity Services

Strong cybersecurity is essential for a successful, compliant and well-managed organisation. We’ll start off with a cybersecurity audit to see if any holes in your defences require patching. From the audit we will make recommendations on improving your cybersecurity posture to ensure it aligns with industry and legal standards. Moving forward, we can provide proactive, 24/7 monitoring of your network to keep you as safe as possible.

4.0 Budgeting

Aligning your IT budget with your business goals primes your company for success. Smile IT will help you figure out where you’re spending money you don’t need to, and where you can allocate more funds for better results. Predictable and easy-to-manage IT expenditures will help streamline your growth trajectory.

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