If you require someone to monitor or manage your IT processes, ask about our Virtual CIO service and portal. We’ll assist you in setting up a standards-based IT strategy that supports your organisation, along with relevant KPI’s and reports that can be user-generated as required. This tracking and exception reporting capability lets us proactively administer the entire IT function in a transparent fashion, leaving you free to focus on your business. The Virtual CIO also provides a useful, secure and updated repository for all of your IT governance information. It’s time to get strategic and gain a competitive advantage. Ask us about our VCIO service.

What is a VCIO?

VCIO stands for Virtual Chief Information Officer. To fully understand what a VCIO is, we need to start off with the definition of a CIO, or Chief Information Officer. This is an executive-type position in control of the technology of an organisation. They strategise a roadmap for where the tech within an organisation is headed, they monitor and maintain the IT setup, and they provide leadership and knowledge. A CIO is a common position in big corporates, government departments and large non-profits.

Here’s the catch though – the budget of most organisations can’t absorb the costs of having a full time CIO. And that’s where a VCIO like Smile IT comes into play. A VCIO is a third-party entity that fulfils the role of a CIO, offering leadership, vision, maintenance and advice on your IT infrastructure. They are your go-to contact on all things technology. 

This is a cost-effective means of having an expert consultant on board to keep your company’s tech as streamlined as possible, without having to pay an executive salary.


VCIO Services

IT Leadership

An established virtual CIO will be a business expert as well as a technology expert, able to provide you with high-level strategic advice. Brisbane VCIO Smile IT will sit down with you to understand your business better, and then guide you down a path of aligning your goals with the correct level of information technology. We understand how to leverage the technology out there to best support your business, guiding you through a crowded vendor marketplace.

Network and Cyber Security

Possibly one of the more important roles of a VCIO is to support your IT ecosystem by keeping it secure. Executives around the world are becoming more concerned with protecting company and client assets from cyber criminals, so investing in security is extremely important to them. A VCIO will be able to guide them towards the correct software and services to keep their data secure. 

Information Technology Budgeting

A VCIO is like hiring a full time IT manager for much less cost. One area where a VCIO excels is in formulating an IT budget. Because they understand the technology industry so comprehensively, they can come up with strategic budgets that truly help you achieve your business objectives. 

Support Strategic Vendor Relationships

Managing your IT vendors can be an exhaustive task. Your VCIO will take this on and take the weight off your shoulders. Not only will we ensure all subscriptions are kept current, we’ll keep an eye on the charges and renegotiate if we can get you a better deal. 

Advice on New Technology

We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in remote work lately, and IT companies around Brisbane and the world have been scrambling to help their clients shift to working from home. The technology to facilitate this has advanced rapidly, to the point where it’s overwhelming deciding which is the right fit for your business. Your VCIO will be up to speed with the latest tech advancements for remote work, and how they can help with your remote work goals. 

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How a VCIO can help achieve your business goals

Predictable Tech Budget

Your VCIO will help you look to the future with your spend on your IT budget. By taking this proactive approach your budget will be invested into technology that will really benefit your business. By constantly monitoring your information technology performance they’ll be able to tell you what’s working and what isn’t, so your budget isn’t wasted on unnecessary technology.

Creating a Tech Roadmap

Strategising the future of your business’s technology and ensuring it aligns with your business goals is an important task which VCIO’s specialise in. They combine technological expertise with solid business fundamentals to create a tech roadmap to achieving your vision. 

Improved Cybersecurity

As businesses invest more and more into their IT ecosystem, staying one step ahead of hackers and cyber criminals is more and more important. A VCIO takes on the role of a full time CIO, ensuring your security systems are rock solid, keeping your valuable business data safe.

Operational Efficiencies

With the modern technology in place that’s just right for your business, the productivity of your staff and the organisation as a whole will improve. A streamlined tech ecosystem is going to improve communication and collaboration, allowing your team to operate at their full potential. 

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