the importance of business telecommunications

The Importance of Business Telecommunications

Never before has the importance of business telecommunications been more apparent. They’re advancing at a brisk pace, fuelled by a rapidly evolving internet. No longer are we restricted to a simple voice call, today our sophisticated systems integrate voice, data and video.

Having business grade internet with accompanying voice and phone systems exponentially benefits businesses of all sizes. Expect increased efficiency, reduced costs and happier customers. That equals smiles all round, from management to clientele. Sounds rather appealing, right? Well, read on – here’s our list of why business telecoms are so important:


Peace of Mind

Robust and reliable business grade internet and an advanced VoIP and business voice system will work together to give you peace of mind. You should get little to no downtime, reducing your workplace pressures and allowing day-to-day functions to continue without interruption. Less stress, every day.



Thanks to the advancement of business telecommunications, collaborating on projects and jobs is much more feasible. Videoconferencing, cloud collaborating and instant communications mean people in different parts of the country or world can easily work together.

Enhanced collaboration leads to enhanced problem solving, so the advantages of different departments or offices being involved on a project will lead to superior outcomes.


Customer Service

Every company should aim to serve their clients better, and business telecommunications are a vital cog in this machine. Dynamic call management techniques allow businesses to efficiently tend to all incoming customer calls, so your business doesn’t miss out on orders, queries or even complaints.

Effective telecoms also allow you to be proactive about communicating with your customers. Someone makes a purchase or uses your service? Follow it up with a courtesy call. A client has a concern or complaint? Address it immediately and put everyone’s mind at rest.



A modern business telecommunications setup increases flexibility by allowing employees to work remotely. Whether on client visits or working from home, they can stay connected to the office and meet their obligations. A mobile workforce can be a huge boon to modern businesses, as you can read in this blog post.


Cost Saving

Modern business telecoms help that bottom line look good. For a start, if you’ve got a flexible and mobile workforce then you have less overheads within the office. You also get more features for less cost than traditional phone systems, meaning you can grow your business while reducing costs.

When workplace efficiency is high, profits generally follow suit. A solid telecom setup is a giant leap in that direction.


Smile IT’s business telecommunications arm, SmileTel, can help your business with all the above benefits and more. Our combination of business grade internet, business voice, innovative phones and stellar customer service could be the game-changer your business is looking for.

Get in touch with one of our team for more information about the importance of business telecommunications and how we can revolutionise your telecoms.

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