5 Signs You Need an MSP

Five Signs Your Business is Ready for an IT MSP

Does your company use managed IT services? Or perhaps you have an IT department, or various team members stepping up to the plate to take care of various IT functions. Either way, you know how crucial it is to your success that you stay ahead of technology trends and maintain efficient, secure IT operations. It’s one of the cornerstones of modern businesses, and as your company grows so does the complexity of your IT requirements.

At some point, most small and medium businesses reach a tipping point where in-house IT doesn’t become a viable option. Your business operations demand more from your IT than you can provide. When this happens, partnering with an MSP can be a game changer that facilitates unforeseen growth and improved productivity. Today we’re going to look at what an MSP is, and what some of the tell-tale signs it’s time to enlist one are.

What is an MSP?

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) essentially becomes your offsite IT department, remotely managing your tech infrastructure and systems. They’re an on-demand team that operates on a monthly fixed-rate fee, maintaining hardware and software components, ensuring your company remains cyber secure and fixing IT-related problems as they arise. MSP’s fit in with your business needs, with the ability to be scaled up and down as required. They also fit in with your budget, as essentially you only pay for what you use. Let’s take a look at five indicators it’s time to make the switch to managed IT services.

When an MSP Becomes a Good Idea

Your IT Costs are Spiralling out of Control

Predictable Spending

One clear sign it’s time to consider an MSP is when your IT expenses start to escalate unpredictably. That’s a stressful situation for any business to be in, because you never know if your monthly budget is going to be blown on IT mishaps. MSP’s can offer fixed-cost IT management, providing predictability and control over your budget. It’s not a break-fix model – it’s a proactive IT management model that aims to deal with issues before they negatively affect your operations.

Focusing on Core Business

Is your IT taking up more energy than it should, and distracting your focus from your core business objectives? An MSP becomes a business partner handling all your IT management, freeing up your team members to concentrate on what they do best

You’re Facing Frequent IT Issues

Proactive Management

Are you constantly putting out IT fires? This is a sign your entire tech infrastructure isn’t optimised to your business needs, and it’s time to get the experts involved. An MSP will bring a proactive approach to managing your IT, monitoring your systems 24/7 and eliminating problems before they cause you a headache.

Expertise on Demand

Put in a ticket or pick up the phone and you have access to an entire company of IT experts dedicated to helping you resolve your problem. No more sifting through Google to try and figure it out for yourself, no more hair-pulling. Minimal downtime and a stress-free work environment go hand in hand with enlisting an MSP.

Your IT Infrastructure is Not Keeping Up with Your Growth


If your business is growing at a steady clip and you’re more focused on that than your IT infrastructure, at some point your tech is going to lag behind. You don’t want it to hold you back – it needs to evolve to support the new demands of your growing client base. An MSP can provide scalable solutions that grow with your business, ensuring you always have the IT resources you need.

Strategic Planning

You have a plan for your business, but have you implemented an IT plan that aligns with it? A managed IT services provider will help you plan and implement an IT roadmap that will support your business goals as you grow.

You’re Concerned About Cybersecurity

Enhanced Security Measures

This is a big one, because cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and more expensive for businesses of all sizes to deal with. Having robust cybersecurity measures in place is essential for keeping your data and operations safe from hackers and criminals. You can’t do a half job on this, because if you do at some point your cyber defences will be breached. An MSP will provide the highest levels of security solutions, ensuring you’re protected from the latest threats on the cyber landscape.

Compliance Management

Many businesses these days are subject to regulatory requirements around cybersecurity and data protection. You don’t want to fall on the wrong side of the law and incur costly fines or reputational damage as a result. Your MSP will understand the compliance requirements within your industry and help you remain within the relevant regulations.

You Lack In-House IT Expertise

Access to Specialists

For most businesses, hiring an in-house team with a broad range of expertise simply doesn’t fall within their budget. Your IT go-to guy in the office may be tech-savvy, but will he have all-encompassing, certified specialist knowledge? Almost certainly not… but an MSP, who has a large staff all with varied specialist IT skills, will.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

MSP’s want to stay ahead of the curve so that the technology in your company stays ahead of the curve too. They continuously invest in training and certification of their staff, expanding and improving their knowledge base and staying up to date with the latest tech and best practices. In addition, MSP’s can also help in the training of your company staff, particularly when it comes to staying on top of cybersecurity.

Partner with a Leading Brisbane MSP

Recognizing the above signs in your business is the first step towards transforming your IT operations. Then, when you decide to partner with a Managed IT Services Provider like Smile IT, you’re going to enjoy a whole range of benefits. Improved cybersecurity posture, enhanced productivity, and ultimately a better-looking bottom line. It’s a strategic move that fosters growth and innovation, and we’d love to guide you through it. Get in touch and talk to a member of our expert team today.

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