Queensland Leaders App

Smile IT Creates App for Queensland Leaders

For a few months now Smile IT has been part of the Queensland Leaders initiative. It’s a fantastic opportunity to assist in our growth and help cement our place in the business community. It’s also an initiative based around collaboration and engagement, so it was our pleasure to be able to identify a collaborative opportunity with Queensland Leaders themselves and pitch an app idea to them.

The Problem

When Queensland Leaders came to the Smile IT offices to perform personality tests on our team, one of our techs observed that the paper-based tests could quite easily be turned into an app. We mentioned this to Queensland Leaders, and they said they’d been thinking about turning the test into an app for years, but no one had come up with the right solution. They invited us to pitch a concept, so our software dev team went to work.

They knew it needed to be something scalable with a simplistic UI that would be easy for users to get their heads around. After a couple of weeks of thinking, coding and preparing, our developers had a concept that they could take to Queensland Leaders.

The App

What we had to do was take a three-minute paper-based ‘Motivational Profile’ test and transform it into an app-based assessment. The idea was to improve the agility of Queensland Leaders, allowing them to deploy the app across their interstate and international sites with ease. Ideally, minimal training would be required to get their teams up to speed with the app’s functionality.

The app we designed had two components to it, a front end and a back end. The back end allows Queensland Leaders to configure assessments and manage the organisations who use the app for their personality tests. They can add and remove organisations and create a passcode that allows them to take the personality test. It looks like this:

Smile It queensland ldrs app

The front end is the personality test itself. The log in page is where a user arrives at first, where they’re prompted for the passcode provided from Queensland Leaders.

Smile It Queensland Leaders

Once the passcode is entered, then the series of questions begins, the aim of which is to determine your motivational profile within the three-minute time frame. At the end of the questions, your results are made immediately available, but a PDF of them is also emailed to the address you used to sign up to.

The Reaction

Queensland Leaders loved the app, saying that “it was pretty much right on the mark from the beginning”. After a collaborative session with them, we made some small changes like putting in a timer for each question. They were extremely happy with how straightforward it is to use the backend of the app, and how easy delivery is to companies taking the test.

Another win is how simple, clean and easy to use the app is. The content it captures is of high value to a business and having a simple interface that saves time really makes it much more effective than the paper-based tests.

When it comes to working with Smile IT, Queensland Leaders had this to say:

“We’re very impressed. We were approached with an idea that was almost spot-on to begin with, so had clearly understood what we were trying to achieve from the start. The team asked plenty of question to understand what was required. Delivery was on time, and everyone was a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you. Your work has given a part of our business new energy and focus. What you delivered was well ahead of expectations.”

Have you got an app idea, or have you spotted a task or operation that could be simplified in your business or workflow? Our software development department can help you with that. Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling on your great ideas!

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