benefits of digital transformation

Seven Benefits of Digital Transformation

Integrating digital technologies into all facets of a business is changing the way we operate for the better. It’s called digital transformation, and it’s the ultimate leveraging of technology to help a business progress.

You can read our post on the definition of digital transformation here, and today we want to delve into some of the real benefits it brings to businesses who choose a forward-thinking path. In no particular order, here just a few of them.

Seamless Customer Experiences

Happy customers are good for business, full stop. You want your customers to enjoy the most seamless experience possible when dealing with your company. In fact, according to a Gartner study, 81% of competition between organisations is based around customer experience alone.

The right technology is critical in this regard. If a customer enjoys an intuitive ordering process followed by clean and simple delivery, they’re going to walk away singing your praises. If they’ve also been treated to crystal clear communications where they feel their privacy has been safeguarded, they’ll be singing them even louder.

Better Data Collection

Collecting data and creating business strategies based upon it has become easier and more effective. Data is extremely useful in unlocking insights into your customer base, but it needs to be optimised for effective analysis.

With digital transformation, systems can be built that gather the relevant data across various touchpoints and translate it into intelligent insights. These then show you what you’re doing wrong and where you can improve. The customer journey can be reimagined into one that’s hyper-personalised and relevant.

Better Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining talent becomes easier when you’ve got systems in place that make your team’s work life easier. If your technology supports their productivity and efficiency, their job becomes less stressful. In fact, you’re helping set them up for success.

Software such as Human Capital Management programs also ensures your leadership team is providing the necessary support, training and direction. It helps ascertain what can be improved upon individually and as a team. When employees feel valued in this way, they’re not going to be looking around for other opportunities.

Improved Agility

So a pandemic just happened, and the biggest upset to regular business practices was the result. Offices closed their doors and we all moved into our homes to work. It required extreme agility to survive this, and the businesses who did are the ones who either had the necessary tech in place or were fast to adopt it. This shows the importance of agility and how central technology is to being truly agile.

A technologically advanced company can innovate and adapt faster, improving their agility and helping continuously improve across all levels of the organisation.

A More Productive Team

Streamlined workflows. Advanced automations. Better communications between departments. Faster operations. Easier collaborations between team members. There are so many ways digital transformation will enhance the productivity of your team. All of them mean greater efficiency and effectiveness at an organisational level. Team members will love their updated skill sets and knowledge too.

Increased Profits

According to a report by the SAP Center for Business insights, “some 80% of companies that have undergone digital transformation efforts reported increased profitability, compared to 53% of other companies.”

Digital transformation helps you recognise flaws holding your business back and overcome them. You maximise opportunity, and all the while you’re minimising costs. An improved bottom line is one of the results you’ll enjoy.

Improve Your Competitive Advantage

You can give your company a serious advantage if you improve your tech infrastructure with the future in mind, anticipating features and functions you’ll need while leaving space for agility and adaptation.

The right software, the right knowledge and the right guidance can help you step outside your comfort zone and successfully digitally transform. Many other organisations won’t have the inclination or bravery to follow suit, setting you apart as an inspired leader in your field.

If you’d like to chat more about digital transformation and how it can help future proof your business and give you the competitive advantage you deserve, please get in touch with Smile IT. We’re a group of forward-thinking IT professionals helping companies across Australia in their digital transformation journey. Let’s chat and set you on your path to enjoying all the benefits listed above!

When he’s not writing tech articles or turning IT startups into established and consistent managed service providers, Peter Drummond can be found kitesurfing on the Gold Coast or hanging out with his family!