ethernet over coaxial cable

Ethernet over Coax: Digital Upgrades Made Seamless

ethernet over coaxial cable

In the construction industry, a staggering amount of cabling goes into new commercial and residential complexes and estates. The world revolves around the internet today, so reliable and future proof networks are required for workspaces and home. Building these requires miles and miles of cabling.

It’s one thing installing these in a new build getting constructed, but what about older buildings with cable networks already in place?  Does the existing infrastructure need to be torn up and replaced?

No it doesn’t, thanks to Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) technology, which leverages existing coaxial cables to build modern networks. Our construction IT team regularly uses it to upgrade networks, and today we’d like to tell you a bit more about EoC and its’ benefits.

What is Ethernet over Coax (EoC)?

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) is a technology that allows Ethernet signals to be transmitted over existing coaxial cables traditionally used for cable television and other analogue services.

It repurposes the cable infrastructure already in place, enabling it to support high-speed internet and data transmission. This is a cost-effective and practical alternative that can thrust legacy systems into the modern day without extensive construction work on a building. Imagine trying to replace all the cabling for a high-rise complex built in the 1990’s? It would be an immense job. With Ethernet-over-Coaxial, it’s not a concern though.

EoC and Technology

Ethernet over Coax is leveraged to its most efficient thanks to technology. is a high-speed home networking solution allowing devices to operate over any wires, including power lines, telephone lines and coaxial cables. It enables high-speed data transmission with impressive reliability and performance – we’re talking about speeds of up to 2GB/second.

Benefits of EoC Technology

We’ve achieved some impressive results updating existing networks with this technology. There are a few common threads in these results, which we want to highlight for you.

Cost Control

Imagine having to rip out all the cabling in a building an replace it to create a high-speed network. It would be intensive in terms of labour, time and raw materials. In situations where logistics and budgets are driving decisions, Ethernet over Coaxial is an extremely viable option.

Infrastructure Reuse

When you use the existing coaxial infrastructure it’s not just the cabling you’re making use of, it’s the other components like connectors too. This helps with budgetary constraints and minimises the need for additional construction work.Ghn and EoC

Faster Deployment

Very rarely do we encounter a construction IT project that isn’t time-sensitive. When we retrofit existing coaxial cables with technology, it’s typically quicker than installing new Ethernet cabling. Faster deployment, less disruptions – it’s a win-win, particularly in those jobs where time is of the essence.

Wide Coverage Area

Coaxial cables often cover large areas, such as multi-story office blocks or apartment complexes. over coaxial allows for connectivity to be maintained over far greater distances than traditional structured cable like Cat6. It maintains the same network performance right to the end of the coaxial cabling. No matter where in the building endpoints are located, they’ll enjoy high-speed connectivity.

Backward Compatibility technology is designed to be backward compatible with various types of existing wiring, including coaxial cables. This ensures that devices can be integrated into legacy infrastructure without necessitating a complete system overhaul.

High Data Transfer Rates

The high data transfer rates provided by over coaxial means it can live up to the expectations of high bandwidth activities. Video streaming, online gaming and massive data uploads or downloads can all be coped with. The performance matches or exceeds some traditional Ethernet setups.


This is scalable and future-proof technology, allowing for upgrades and improvements in data rates without needing to replace the coaxial cables. Corporate office environments want to stay ahead of technological advancements and often have increasing bandwidth requirements. This feature allows them to do that.

The Verdict

We live in a world where the demand for fast and robust networks is growing unabated. At Smile IT we feel that EoC and technology is an innovative way to modernise legacy systems, helping save on time and expenses while still providing stellar outcomes. From large scale enterprise buildings to commercial and residential complexes, it provides seamless and efficient digital upgrades.

Contact the Construction IT Experts

Ethernet over Coax and tech does offer all the above benefits, but it’s important to remember that every job is different. The network will have specific requirements, and there’s also the condition of the existing coaxial cabling to take into account. On-site, an assessment of the existing infrastructure, including identifying any potential interferences, needs to be undertaken. Then a pathway forward to optimal network performance can be devised.

Also, bear in mind that over coaxial may not be the best solution for every scenario.  An evaluation of the networking environment needs to be done before deciding on this technology.

If you’ve got questions or feel you have potential use for this technology, we’d be happy to talk about it. Give us a ring on 1300 766 720 or contact us here. Our techs will be happy to chat!

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