Our Top Projects for March 2024

With our foot firmly on the gas, our team has charged ahead with a series of IT initiatives this March. With a predominant focus on improving our client’s connectivity in terms of speed and reliability, we’ve successfully completed several projects aimed at upgrading and repairing their outdated IT infrastructure and systems. Let’s take a closer look at the top projects of this month:

WiFi Signal Boost

Nestled in the heart of Queensland’s bushland, this boutique hospitality client continued to struggle with poor internet performance. Our team headed inland for some quick troubleshooting, here is a recap of what they got up to.

  • Site survey – Our techs conducted a full site survey, taking note of any damaged equipment and assessing the area to find optimal signal strength.
  • Realigned antenna – Adjusted antenna position and angling, ensuring its position allowed for maximum signal reception and transmission.
  • Testing and Adjustments – Our technicians conducted several tests, adjusting the antenna until they achieved a signal boost from 8 Mbps to 60 Mbps.

Music System Installation

One of our major retail clients was looking to replace their outdated music system for a new state-of -the-art Sonos system. In just a couple of hours, our team was able to safely unplug, remove and dispose of the old system and rewire the new system. Our team assisted with the new account setup, and tested the system to ensure it was fully operational and producing sound as expected.

Access Point Upgrade

Our technicians headed on-site to resolve a WiFi bottleneck issue at one of our wholesale client’s premises. The first point of call was removing some old TP-Link access points and replacing them two new U6 IW access points. This proved to be a gamechanger for their WiFi performance, instantly fixing both the speed and coverage issues they had been experiencing over the last month.


NAS Installation

Recently, one of our client’s reached out to us regarding a data storage issue. Our team quickly jumped on to the case and found that the marketing files were too big to go over the site to data center link. Our team headed onsite to install a Qnap NAS, allowing them to operate in a hybrid environment where some of their data is stored on-premises while the rest sits in a data center with a 10GB link. This has resulted in improved efficiencies for their marketing team, who are now able access their files instantaneously.

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