A Dash of Happiness at Smile IT

At Smile IT we love building long term and helpful relationships with our clients. The Sycamore School are a customer of ours who do amazing work, so it’s been great to be able to help them out with their IT work. An even more rewarding experience though began when they approached us to ask if they could place a student with us for work experience.

A Little Bit About The Sycamore School

The Sycamore School is an autism-friendly learning school in Brisbane. They offer educational options to children with autism, tailored to the needs of the students. As well as helping children with autism, the school promotes diversity in other schools and in workplaces, helping build supportive and accepting communities.

So when they asked if Dash could join Smile IT on work experience we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Meet Dash

Dash is a Year 10 student at The Sycamore School who has a passion for all things IT. He joined us for five hours every Wednesday morning, over a number of weeks during the school term, under the mentorship of our Help Desk Technician, Tyler.

Tyler soon discovered that Dash had amazing skills with numbers, which combined with his good attitude towards work and people, made him a useful and important part of the team. He assisted us with setting up hardware and new computers and laptops, and was a great help to our internal projects team with data cleaning and analysis.

Dash attended our team meetings and was also a huge help with taking down the minutes of meetings. He really slotted in with the other Smile IT staff, and we’re as excited as he is to hear he will be joining us again next term.

Dash’s Last Day (This Term)

On his last day with us this term Dash brought in some delicious pecan pie which we all enjoyed after our team meeting. He was also the deserving winner of the ‘Smile of the Week’ award, because of all the hard work he has put in over the term.

Have a look at some images from that morning below. Thanks Dash and The Sycamore School! We’re looking forward to this program starting again next term and to having Dash back on the team!

Dash with the “Smile of the Week” award
Dash Taking the minutes at our weekly meeting
Dash with our team. His mentor, Tyler, is standing behind him
Dash with the Help Desk Team

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