Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and more – over the internet (“the cloud”). Instead of owning and maintaining physical infrastructure or servers, users can access these resources on-demand from cloud service providers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Smile IT can customise the solution to fit your needs. You achieve all the advantages of cloud, including improved team collaboration, enhanced flexibility and scalability, strengthened cybersecurity, increased business agility, high reliability and availability from anywhere, all with no upfront costs.

Cloud computing can be deployed in various models including public, private, and hybrid cloud. The Public Cloud provides services and infrastructure on a large scale from third-party providers. The Private Cloud allows you to build your own environment, offering increased control and security. The Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of both Public and Private Cloud models.

Cloud Applications are software programs hosted and accessed over the internet through cloud computing infrastructure. Examples include productivity applications such as Microsoft 365, communication tools such as Teams, and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamic 365.

Smile IT offers consulting services to advise on Cloud Applications best suited to your business, providing increased scalability, security, and flexibility.

Cloud backups refers to the process of backing up data to a remote, cloud-based server over the internet. The key benefits of this are high availability, rapid restoration times and local backup servers across Australia.

For Jellinbah this includes the backup and storage of servers, virtual machines and Microsoft Office 365 to the cloud.

Cloud backup activities include:

  • Continuous monitoring of server and Microsoft Office 365 backups (Mailboxes, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive)
  • Backup alerts
  • Troubleshooting of backup failures on request
  • Backup reporting – device protection status, alerts summary, and backup activities

Does not include third-party backups or testing of backup restores.

Only applies when using Backup Platforms recommended by Smile IT.

Cloud archiving is the process of storing data, typically older or less frequently accessed data, in a cloud-based environment for long-term retention and preservation. Instead of storing the data on site, it is moved to the cloud where scalability, durability, and cost savings are leveraged.