The future is Micorosft Azure

The Future is Microsoft Azure

The Cloud on Your Terms

Microsoft calls Azure ‘the cloud on your terms’. It can be, with the right planning, design and integration. Of course, as Microsoft Gold Cloud Partners, we would say that. However, we choose to maintain that partnership because it gives our customers value, along with some outstanding results. It also takes away a few headaches.

This is one of those cases where a little expertise can help you take your business a long, long way.

Like most IT deployments, you will get the most from Azure when you work with an experienced partner. Migrating servers, workloads, applications and data is not for the faint-hearted – or for the inexperienced. There are enormous gains to be had, though – examples are compelling cost scenarios, Enterprise level security, and the sort of flexibility that takes you from idea to market in record time.

When we talk to customers, a predictable schedule and outlay are primary concerns. The right infrastructure footprint is high on the list too. We work closely with in-house IT teams to prioritise moving large and small databases securely, while getting the shortest transfer and cutover times possible. After managing a lot of transitions, it has become something of a fine art.

The Key to Migrating to Azure

The key is migrating mission-critical applications in a phased manner. This gives you near-zero downtime, and as a result, very little business disruption. Unless you enjoy the CEO approaching your desk wearing an angry expression, make migration planning the top of your priority list.

Your in-house team, freed from repetitive, low-level admin tasks, have more time to develop those ideas. Azure is charged in predictable monthly amounts, without the capital outlay that has made IT provisioning such a challenge in the past.

Even though Microsoft Azure makes life a lot easier, you shouldn’t plan your holiday just yet. Ongoing management, maintenance and support of cloud Infrastructure mean there is still plenty to be done. We are finding that increasingly, customers choose to have our engineers take care of it, so they can focus more on the applications they need to carve out advantage.

As with any technology, there is no one-size-fits-all that will magic all your troubles away. Ask questions of your technology partner about exactly what you can expect, and how Azure is the right choice. At least, if it is a good fit, Azure will give you more time to devote to solving problems and identifying opportunities for your business future.

For more information about Microsoft Azure transitions, or assessing your workloads for suitability, contact the specialists at Smile IT.

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