IT Pro Day
Happy IT Professional Day!

If ever there was a year that IT Professionals the world showed how valuable they are, it’s been 2020. What a crazy, mind-bending time it’s been for the entire planet, but surely the group of professionals who facilitated the transition to working from home need a nod of appreciation? That they do, and that’s exactly…

disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery: More Important than Ever

There’s a buzzword that’s emerging as the business world adapts to the post-pandemic environment: resilience. The rush to work from home, the unprecedented drop in customer activity and a rise in cybercrime and online criminal activity has created a perfect storm. Organisations in Brisbane and around the world without sufficient business continuity measures in place…

nist cybersecurity framework
Cybersecurity Framework: The Importance of NIST

In terms of cyber security and staying safe online, it’s a jungle out there. Phishing scams are increasing exponentially while ‘hackers for hire’ are using their skills to exploit whatever they can from businesses of all sizes. Throw in a pandemic that’s disrupted where and how people work and we have a cyber security horror…

IoT device monitoring
Device Monitoring Using Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become more prevalent in our everyday lives and businesses, to the point where we all use it in some form or another. The IDC (International Data Corporation) estimates that by 2025 there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices. Broadly speaking, IoT refers to all devices that are connected…

hosted desktop
How a Hosted Desktop Can Transform Your Business

When technology lowers our business costs, simplifies processes and improve your cyber security you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to get talked about. Which is why you’ve probably heard the term ‘hosted desktop’ getting thrown around a bit. We’re going to look at what this is, the reasons it’s growing in popularity and…

Keep Your Home Office Secure
10 Ways to Keep Your Home Office Secure

Working remotely has actually been on the increase for a number of years, with technology and work schedules making it easier and often more suitable. Then along came COVID-19, and suddenly it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t experienced working from home. With the future being a little bit uncertain with how the virus pans…

cyber security audit
A Cyber Security Audit Case Study

Smile IT recently undertook a Cyber Security Audit for one of our clients, with an aim to evaluate the effectiveness of their cyber defence controls. This case study is designed to provide an idea of how we adapt our audit approach to individual companies. The aim is to provide relevant results and recommendations that strengthen…

cyber security checklist
A Cyber Security Checklist for Your Company

Cyber security breaches come in all shapes and sizes. Your mind will generally race to images of clandestine geniuses huddling over a computer hacking businesses just for the heck of it. Hackers are definitely a big problem, and they target businesses of all sizes. Don’t think because you’re a SME you’re exempt from the attention…