Increase Your Password Security

Out there in cyber space, hiding behind every digital corner, there is a festering network of hackers and malcontents doing everything they can to gain access to your login credentials. Lately, they’ve been getting more and more active. Over the last couple of years more and more businesses have moved…
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easy flexible GRC solution

An Easy, Flexible GRC Solution

In an uncertain business world, ensuring stability and resilience within your company will more than help you sleep better at night. It’ll keep you prepared for the unexpected and maximise your project outcomes. That’s the beauty of GRC, which is what we’re going to look at today. Before we talk…
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Microsoft Changes

Your Microsoft 365 Licensing – Upcoming Changes

Microsoft has introduced the New Commerce Experience (NCE), which will affect all users of Microsoft seat-based solutions. This is the most significant change to their license billing and terms since 2015. From January 2022, Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Power Platform and Windows 365 subscriptions will change. How will this affect…
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6g the internet of everything

6G – The Internet of Everything

The world of wireless communication doesn’t rest for anything. 5G technology is still being in the process of becoming the new wireless standard, with much of the world yet to adopt the infrastructure to facilitate it. Already though, much is being made of 6G and what it’s lower latencies, higher…
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Brisbane IT Audit

The Benefits of an IT Audit

What is an IT Audit As technology progresses companies from all industries are becoming more and more financially invested in their IT ecosystem. We rely on it every day for just about every business function you could think of. It makes sense then that our time, energy and capital goes…
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collaboration tools brisbane

The Best Collaboration Tools in 2021

Collaboration is teamwork, the ability to work together with a common goal. In most workforces today we all have individual specialized skills, so the ability to come together, contribute expertise and operate as a team is very important. In fact, it’s such a large part of most business teams we…
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