collaboration spaces

The Rise of Collaboration Spaces

The modern workplace has evolved at a rapid pace, particularly in the post-pandemic days. Remote work is now an integral part of many businesses, and the hybrid workplace is evolving and continuing to define itself. Technologies supporting this are growing in profile, and organisations are challenged to decide their own…
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maximise cloud value

How to Maximise the Value of the Cloud

In an uncertain world, the cloud provides a nerve-calming surety. A safe place, a refuge, a panacea to lockdown-inspired corporate headaches. When businesses should have been shutting their doors, the cloud allowed them to thrive. It’s given us flexibility, agility and a greater capacity for innovation than ever before. If…
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Keep Your Home Office Secure

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Office Secure

Working remotely has actually been on the increase for a number of years, with technology and work schedules making it easier and often more suitable. Then along came COVID-19, and suddenly it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t experienced working from home. With the future being a little bit uncertain…
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look your best on a video call

How to Look Your Best on a Video Call

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has thrust videoconferencing into the centre of our lives. We’re confined to our homes and interactions with people are minimised and sanitised, so the face-to-face interactions a video call offers are extremely important to our work and social lives. We’re embracing them with open arms,…
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the importance of business telecommunications

The Importance of Business Telecommunications

Never before has the importance of business telecommunications been more apparent. They’re advancing at a brisk pace, fuelled by a rapidly evolving internet. No longer are we restricted to a simple voice call, today our sophisticated systems integrate voice, data and video. Having business grade internet with accompanying voice and…
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