we need more women in technology

The Tech Sector Needs More Women!

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, causing massive changes in the way we go about business. Every day, each one of us leans on it to communicate, collaborate, serve clients better and be more efficient and effective overall. In the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, there is a…
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The Cost of Non-Innovation

There’s a story that gets tossed around the water filter every now and then. Could be fact, could be urban legend, who knows. In it, the board members of Blockbuster video are having a conference. One of the topics is an upstart video streaming service called Netflix, who had a…
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look your best on a video call

How to Look Your Best on a Video Call

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has thrust videoconferencing into the centre of our lives. We’re confined to our homes and interactions with people are minimised and sanitised, so the face-to-face interactions a video call offers are extremely important to our work and social lives. We’re embracing them with open arms,…
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