Our Top Projects for April 2024

With a strong focus on enhancing connectivity, our team has successfully completed a range of IT initiatives this April. We have dedicated our efforts to maximizing our client’s IT investments and securing their environment through multiple infrastructure modernisation projects. Let’s take a closer look at the top projects completed this…
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Our Top Projects for March 2024

With our foot firmly on the gas, our team has charged ahead with a series of IT initiatives this March. With a predominant focus on improving our client’s connectivity in terms of speed and reliability, we’ve successfully completed several projects aimed at upgrading and repairing their outdated IT infrastructure and…
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Our Top Projects for February 2024

The Smile IT team have kept the ball rolling into February, and it looks like there are no signs of slowing down. As businesses get back into the swing of things, our team has been actively working on a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing our clients’ communication, safety and…
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Our Top Projects for January 2024

With everybody back on board and nicely refreshed after a stellar Christmas break, it was back to business for the Smile IT team. The customary slow start at the beginning of the month while businesses around Brisbane opened up again turned into a busy and productive time. The result of…
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EnviroConnect is Live!

Welcome to EnviroConnect! We’re excited to present our remote communications arm to you in its complete form. It’s been gaining momentum in the background, taking on projects, building up a client base and making inroads into removing all geographic barriers to fast, reliable networks.   Now, with a brand-new website…
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