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Microsoft Changes

Your Microsoft 365 Licensing – Upcoming Changes

Microsoft has introduced the New Commerce Experience (NCE), which will affect all users of Microsoft seat-based solutions. This is the most significant change to their license billing and terms since 2015. From January 2022, Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Power Platform and Windows 365 subscriptions will change. How will this affect…
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6g the internet of everything

6G – The Internet of Everything

The world of wireless communication doesn’t rest for anything. 5G technology is still being in the process of becoming the new wireless standard, with much of the world yet to adopt the infrastructure to facilitate it. Already though, much is being made of 6G and what it’s lower latencies, higher…
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crypto ransomware

The Crypto Ransomware Threat

The wild world of cybersecurity continues to throw curveballs at businesses and their data with the growing prevalence of crypto ransomware. This malicious software, or malware, sneaks into your computer and locks up the files on there with some serious encryption so you can’t use them. A ransom is then…
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Smile It Rajant Partnership

Smile IT Partners with Rajant

In a continuation of our quest to supply our clients with the worlds leading IT products and services, Smile IT has entered into a strategic partnership with Rajant. We’re constantly on the search for superior products and meaningful relationships that will help boost our core offerings, and the team at…
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olympics and cyber attacks

The Olympics and Cyber Attacks

The Olympic Games have arrived, and they’ve brought their customary buzz and anticipation. Hackers love buzz and excitement, they hide behind it and use it to trick the unsuspecting. Everybody from the event organisers to Mums and Dads searching for Olympic news on the internet are at risk, so it…
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