Our Top Projects for April 2024

With a strong focus on enhancing connectivity, our team has successfully completed a range of IT initiatives this April. We have dedicated our efforts to maximizing our client’s IT investments and securing their environment through multiple infrastructure modernisation projects. Let’s take a closer look at the top projects completed this month:

New Virtualised Server Environment

Our technicians created a new virtualised server environment for a wholesale distributor client. This environment is designed to allow the client’s third-party contractors to securely access and export data from their database.

A virtualised server environment is a technology that allows for creating multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single, physical hardware system. It’s an effective way of maximising physical resources to get the most out of the IT investment.

In this case, the virtual environment was built to allow third-party contractors to access the necessary data without having to physically be present at the location where the database is hosted or having direct access to the physical server.

Key outcomes of this project include replacing the previous solution with a highly reliable and secure environment which ensures only authorised individuals can access the company’s sensitive information.


Health Industry Server Migration Project

One of our senior technicians headed on-site to complete a physical installation of a server.

Following, this remote after-hours work was completed to finish off the server replacement and migration project.

This process involved:

  • Server replacement – Setting up new server hardware and virtual server environment, configuring it with the necessary software, and preparing it for integration into the existing network.
  • Migrate VMS – moving virtual machines (VMs) from the old server to the new one. This includes transferring all the data, applications, and configurations associated with those VMs to ensure they operate correctly on the new server.
  • Rebuild VMS: involves reconfiguring VMs to work optimally with the new server’s environment.


Real Estate Industry Server Migration Project

As server migration experts, our team got down to business completing another server migration project for a valued real estate client.

This project involved:

  • Procurement of new server infrastructure
  • Decommissioning of old server
  • Installation of new server
  • New desktop configuration
  • Commitment to managed IT services: providing end user support for laptops, desktops and network devices.


Camera Replacement Project

At Smile IT, we are dedicated to fortifying our clients’ environment. Our suite of services spans from CCTV installations to access control and cyber security, ensuring comprehensive protection on all fronts.

Recently, a major engineering client contracted our team to modernise their surveillance system. We ensured a smooth transition from the old to the new, guaranteeing a flawless integration with their existing VMs.


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